La nuova Italia ha fretta di stupire: batte l’Ungheria e va in testa al girone

Italy needs to be redone, but the one we have already seen in the match against Germany, plus some excellent returns (see Spinazzola and Barella), is enough and advances to beat Marco Rossi’s Hungary and fly alone in the lead in the group iron, which also includes England (two games and a poor punticino picked up on a penalty last night, in the home of the Germans). It is true that the result says only 2-1, but the Azzurri they played more and better than their opponents, hit a crossbar, created plenty of chances and expressed a pleasure in playing which, for long stretches, boosted the recently lost self-esteem.

Now the Nations League is not exactly as good as qualifying for the World Cup and it is nowhere near a substitute for a European. However, to those like us who, despite being continental champions in office, will be out of the World Cup for the second consecutive time, these matches serve to heal wounds and organize the future. And being, for now, in front of Hungary and, above all, two national teams that will go to Qatar (Germany and England precisely) is good for the heart and the brain.

I don’t know if Roberto Mancini smiles or recriminates. The fact is that, by turning the team into men (more freshness, more brilliance, more roundness), he drew a match that could have won (Germany) and beat Hungary. returned to the game, for the mistake of an own goal, without ever being dangerous. And if there was no goal from the Azzurri, the 3-1 (but also the 3-0) would have been not only legitimate, but also more consistent with the performance of both teams.

It’s true, Italy didn’t start well. A bit tacked up, a bit slowed down in the games, not exactly effective in the setting. This is because Cristante is not a director, but a central to put in front of the defense and because Barella, with Pellegrini, were preferred as raiders.. Very wide front Politano, on the right, practically on the line of the lateral foul, both to allow the ambushes of the two midfielders, and to be able to unleash the dribbling in speed. On the other side, he took action Spinazzola which gave the possibility to Raspadorithe left of the trident, to enter the field to flank the nineteen year old Gnontoa bit overwhelmed by expectations after his good debut with Germany.

Thus, often, the maneuver started from behind with Left-handed and / or Batons in the middle of. More shy Calabriaon the right, careful not to skid. And, to tell the truth, Donnarumma (20 ‘) was used in full on the first conclusion of Sallai’s matchthe most dangerous of an essentially counter-attacker Hungary, despite an unrealistic 3-4-2-1.

Italy did not get scared and gradually took the field, especially on the left where Spinazzola began to push almost like in the old days. It is no coincidence that it was from his initiative that Barella’s goal arrived (30 ‘) (right to cross at the intersection of the goalposts). With the result unlocked, Italy found vivacity, danger and, above all, geometry. And in the final half (43 ‘) he made up the premise of doubling with a wonderful action, started from his own metacampo with an assist from Mancini for Raspadori who favored the cut out for the benefit of Pellegrini’s inclusion. The Roma player entered the area and, instead of shooting (he was a little out of the way), he put low in the middle for Gnonto who was anticipated.

Time to restart (44 ‘) and Politano ran away from Attila Szalai to place a ball in the center on which both Raspadori and Gnonto masterfully feinted. Pellegrini, posted on the left, has put in the net right.

Italy could have scored the third goal (55 ‘) with Politano with a left from outside the box, but the shot ended up on the crossbar with the goalkeeper beaten. Having said that, in a kind of lightening action, Hungary risked shortening, always with Sallai, whose shin deviation (the suggestion had been by Nego) was once again deviated by Donnarumma. Yet Italy was the mistress and delighted the Cesena public with hand-to-hand, rugby-style plays, which only nearly materialized.

However, half an hour from the end (61 ‘) our national team scored a goal by itself: a harmless cross from Fiola, who had just entered, was put behind Donnarumma by a careless intervention by Mancini. From there some fear emerged and again our goalkeeper and captain had to foil on Sallai.

So the changes. Benefits exchange. Locatelli for Pellegrini (hit hard in the knee) at 66 ‘, Belotti for Politano and Marco’s for Spinazzola (75 ‘). Before an opportunity for Locatelli on an assist from Belotti (87 ‘, parade by Dibusz), Mancini made his debut Zerbin del Frosinone (83 ‘, a well-aimed shot on goal) and sent Tonali to the field for Barella. No risk, no jolts. Armored victory and provisional first place. Nothing fantastic, but there is a new Italy that is in a hurry to amaze.


SCORERS: 30 ‘Barella (I), 45’ Pellegrini (I), 61 ‘aut. Mancini (U).

ITALY (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Calabria, Mancini, Bastoni, Spinazzola (75 ‘Dimarco); Pellegrini (66 ‘Locatelli), Cristante, Barella (84’ Tonali); Politano (75 ‘Belotti), Gnonto, Raspadori (84’ Zerbin). CT: Mancini.

HUNGARY (5-4-1): Dibusz; Nego (58 ‘Fiola), Lang, Orban, At. Szalai, Z. Nagy (81 ‘Bolla); Schafer (87 ‘Vancsa), Szoboszlai, A. Nagy (58’ Styles), Sallai; To. Szalai (87 ‘Adam). CT: Rossi.

Bookings: 64 ‘Barella (I), 71’ Schafer (U), 90 + 2 ‘Cristante (I).

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