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Last night, the NBA announced a $ 25,000 fine to the Miami Heat for the behavior of their bench during Race-6. While decisive possessions were staged in the fourth quarter, the Heat bench was in fact all upright and extremely close to the pitch. On one occasion, when Marcus Smart foul three from the corner in the third quarter, Markieff Morris was with both feet in the field. Needless to say, how dangerous this can be if by chance a player were to shoot and fall backwards.

On another action starring Al Horford, Kyle Lowry, at that moment sent off for 6 fouls, basically defended on the shot of the center of Boston.

It is not the first time this has happened in these Playoffs. The Dallas Mavericks had been fined three times, once per round: the last in Game-2 against Golden State. For Texans the sum of the three penalties reached $ 175,000 (starting, like Miami, from 25,000 and then moving on to 50 and 100). In that case, the Mavs had several players even putting their feet on the pitch as the Warriors attacked, with the same owner Mark Cuban very close to the parquet. Theo Pinson, a Dallas bench driver, had reacted sarcastically to the fine, wondering if he had become “A crime” support your teammates. Jason Kidd had instead basically said that, despite the fines, “They can’t stop us from celebrating our comrades”.

In Game-2, Steph Curry had lost a ball because Tim Hardaway Jr, who wore a white shirt like Golden State’s, was standing very close to the pitch. “It’s okay to trash talking, the energy … But when it has an impact on the game it can’t be tolerated” Steve Kerr commented at a press conference.

While the NBA may fine deductibles, fines as small as a $ 25,000 fine to the Heat will surely not be enough to solve the problem. Hoping not to have to wait for the first serious injury to see more serious measures in this regard.

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