"The Journey of the Heroes", a film by Manlio Castagna dedicated to the 1982 World Champions

And the history of a night unforgettablethat of11th July 1982 when Italy, after beating West Germany in the final, won the World Cup in Spain. Forty years after the exciting blue triumph, it arrives “The Journey of the Heroes”, a film by Manlio Castagna, with Marco Giallini .. Special event will be at the Cinema on 20, 21 and 22 June 2022.

The plot of “The Journey of the Heroes”

“WORLD CHAMPIONS”: this phrase scanned three times by Nando’s unforgettable voice Martellini still makes the hearts vibrate, not only of those with a passion for football, but of all Italians. An unexpected success, which came after a difficult start, of defeats, controversies and press blackouts. Then the incredible metamorphosis of the Italian national team against Argentina and Brazil and the ride up to raise the world Cup. An example of stubbornness, pride and dignity. A victory that everyone thought impossible, except those “82” boys. A fable of gratitude and redemption, which sees among the protagonists Enzo Bearzot: coach, mentor and putative father of those players who made thebusiness. He was not looking for consensus, but he had the loyalty, respect and cohesion of his team as a priority. They called her ironically “The Brancabearzot Army”, But it eventually became a family. These values, typical of sport, were also shared by fans and by all Italians, in a difficult historical period, a moment of profound economic and social crisis. This victory constituted the driving force capable of giving new life and allowing Italy to overcome one of the moments darker. A unrepeatable symphony of courageous choices, sacrifice and ability that made victory human and heroic.

This history, still today, it constitutes an example for the younger generations. We tell the Journey of Our Heroes of the 1982 National Soccer Team with the engaging interpretation of Marco Giallini. A path to stages, 11 crucial moments as the players who take the field to face the opponent. A model that has been called the Hero’s Journey which is realized when history becomes myth. The chapters are embellished by the animations of 11 of the greatest Italian illustrators, artistically coordinated by the masterful Roberto Recchioni.

There victory of Italy at the World Cup “It is one of the greatest joys since I have been President of the Republic”, Sandro Pertini – 11 July 1982

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“The Journey of the Heroes”, the official trailer

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