The Italian project: eight reinforcements to make Fiorentina fly

FLORENCE – And now is born Fiorentina by Vincenzo Italiano. In the sense that, after the agreement to move the expiration of the contract from 2023 to 2025 including the option to be exercised, reached on Thursday evening and only to be ratified, it is time to put into practice the strengthening project also shared between the club and the Sicilian coach. Both, it must be reiterated as a significant result, represent the concrete demonstration of a very significant unity of purpose also on the market.

Fiorentina, the requests of Italian

Then, it is clear not all that Italian has put in the basket of requests can be satisfied, but it is the concept that has passed to count: the purple managers have taken note of the need to reinforce the team that, in the playoffs only overcome, will be in the race on three fronts and have it in turn relaunched on the thrust of the indications received by the president Commisso. It’s up to Barone and Pradè with the support of Burdisso intervene where needed. The American tycoon is not satisfied, he wants at least the Europa Leaguewants to be the protagonist in Conference and wants to try again the climb to Italian Cup to bring back a trophy to Florence more than twenty years after the last time.

Odriozola, Ancelotti’s ideas

So, and back to the starting point, you need one Fiorentina that it is as close as possible to what the Italian has in mind: to be so, seven to eight reinforcements are needed. Not a random number, but a number that becomes the algebraic sum of arrivals and departures. About the latter: we knew, but now there is confirmation that Alvaro Odriozola does not fall within the plans of the Real Madrid champion of Europe as instead the Basque winger hoped and from there his desire to get back into the game was born, perhaps helped by the good season in Florence. AncelottiHowever, he has other ideas and those concerning Odriozola he communicated directly to the person concerned. “There is no place for you in Real Madrid” he said in a nutshell to the Basque defender, thus free to find another accommodation despite knowing the contract that still binds him to Blancos and above all of the engagement which will be the source of many problems in research. For example, with Fiorentina: the club violates an attempt at the last minute to convince Odriozola to embrace Florence again where he has won the hearts and sympathy of the fans, but the four million salary I am a K2 to climb with bare hands. Shakhtar Dodo for this and other reasons, the point of arrival for the right wing remains, despite the difficulties induced by the price (therefore millions requested by the Ukrainian company) that the market men of Commisso they are trying to turn down (under ten).

Nardella and the stadium project:

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Nardella and the stadium project: “Excellent relations with Fiorentina”

Fiorentina market, the objectives

Goalkeeper question: confirmation of Terracciano and departure of Dragowski (like in Englandbut Fiorentina values ​​the Polish extreme no less than seven-eight million) are two other shared evaluations that introduce the one on reinforcement. Vicar is at the top of the preferences, but it costs, Gollini it is always there pending along with the possible exchange with Kouame (returned from the loan to Anderlecht) on the axis Bergamo-Florence. Vasquez of Genoa is one of the candidates for the heart of the defense, while forward there is a whirlwind of names around the role of the center forward, but there is also the favorite and the second favorite indicated by Italian: Pinamonti one, Milik two.

Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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