La missione impossibile di Gennaro Gattuso a Valencia: fare soltanto l'allenatore

The subject was so sensitive that he gave up trying to speak in Spanish and switch to Italian. Gennaro Gattuso knew his presentation press conference as the new coach of Valencia (held yesterday afternoon in the press room of the Mestalla stadium) she would have to go through that bottleneck: the question about her relationship with Jorge Mendesthe Portuguese super-agent who from the supporters ‘that’ he is as detested as Singaporean President Peter Lim. Arrive in that square with the label of coach assisted by the boss of Gestifutewith the prospect that Mendes will return to dictate the club’s market agenda after a few seasons of loosening relations (as explained in recent days -gattuso-e-si-takes-the-valencia-80122), is a bad way to start the relationship with the square. And evidently Ringhio was prepared to be asked the most insidious questions on this issue. But evidently being prepared for the eventuality did not make him feel safe enough to venture into the use of the Spanish language (especially since, from what we have been able to hear, he still has a lot to improve), so that from that moment on Gattuso chose to make use of the interpreter.

As for the answer provided, it followed the argument used during these years of ‘friendship’ (as the new Valencian coach continues to define it) with Mendes: no player of Gestifute made to acquire to the clubs in which he has coached during these years. A real version of the facts, to which however, an asterisk with callout should be added to the footer. Because we should also talk about the club in which Gattuso did NOT coach, that is Fiorentina. Last year of these times the relationship with the purple company ended abruptly, when in fact it had not even started. And the reason for the break was the request for players assisted by Gestifute: Sergio Oliveira from Porto, who then moved to Roma during the 2022 market window, and the Gonçalo Guedes that the coach now finds in Valencia. But beyond the clarifications on the public version that Gattuso gives of his relationship with Jorge Mendes, there is also an imprudent answer given to journalists: “The respect and friendship I have for him do not cause me problems, and if they cause you they are your problems.” Unfortunately for him, things are not exactly like that.

The relationship with Mendes will remain his problem, unless results are achieved so much above the (low and disappointed) expectations of the square that the climate around the team and his coach changes.. For the moment, from the contents of the press conference, the image of a coach who starts with a corporate attitude and therefore will be satisfied with what the club will give him. That is little. In recent seasons, Peter Lim has drastically reduced his investments in the transfer market, looking more at significant disposals and replacing the starters with players of inferior quality. The issue has been the subject of clashes with the coaches who have succeeded on the Valencian bench in recent years, from Cesare Prandelli to José Bordalás, Gattuso’s predecessor. Urged to talk about reinforcements, the new coach preferred to talk about modules. Which was a way to sidestep the issue.

In particular, solicited on the need for a number 6‘(the midfielder of order in front of the defense, who has long been uncovered in the Valencian chessboard), Gattuso preferred to divert on the possibility of choosing the module with ‘doble pivote’. To be adopted with the players currently in force at the club, it goes without saying. As for the possible reinforcements, and just to make it clear what the air is pulling, in these hours the names of Matías Vecino and Mario Balotelli have also circulated. Best wishes.

Last note: with a press release released today through the official website, Valencia announced that they have reopened the comment spaces on the official social media channels ( -statement-social-media-2022- 06-10). A fact that, as reported by the Valencian sports newspaper Super Deportecloses a long parenthesis 405 days ( cf / 2022/06/10 / comunicado-oficial-valencia-redes-sociales-67124075.html). Probably the company is counting on an Effect Gattuso to launch a campaign of rapprochement with the fans. Another great responsibility to bear on the coach.


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