Prato, June 12, 2022 The 1st Historic Rally City of Lawnspoke Bolognese, with the success going into the hands of Simone Brusori and Lucia Valdiserra, aboard a Porsche 911 Rs.

Brusori and Valdiserri therefore put their first signature on the roll of honor of the competition with a sure victory that allowed them to also win the 4th Grouping.

For the first two special stages the classification was in the hands of Valter Pierangioli from Siena, paired with Rita Ferrari in a Ford Sierra Cosworth 4 × 4, then the Montalcino driver raised the white flag due to a broken gearbox and from then on Brusori , who already had a good margin over his pursuers, it was just a matter of controlling and managing in the best possible way to keep the lead in a safe place.

Behind the winner, who in the first tests complained of brake problems and a broken exhaust, a spectacular tussle was formed, with the Prato brothers Tommaso and Federico Buglisi as absolute protagonists, with a small Opel Corsa. With a show of strength on both days of competition they managed to stroke the checkered flag in second overall position, a valuable result for the two boys, former 2021 class A5 champions in the Italian Cup.

Up to the sixth round they fought with another long-standing DOC from Prato, Brunero Guarducci, in the cup with Migliorati on the more powerful BMW M3. The duel was tightened and then saw weakened by the approximately 20 ″ lost by Guarducci during the sixth “piesse” due to a “long”. Guarducci, whose car suffered from the tortuosity of the course, then finished in fifth position.

The third final position went to Tommaso Fantei from Pisa, with his yellow and agile VolksWagen Golf GTI 1600, paired with Calandroni. Limited performance by a hardening of the power steering on the first day of competition, Fantei reassessed himself to the fullest on Sunday, signing high-ranking times, those that also allowed him to win the 3rd Grouping.

Absolute fourths, with their fascinating two-wheel drive Ford Sierra Cosworth (the “palettone”), the Veronese brothers Gianluca and Giorgio Pesavento, authors of an exhilarating run-up from the ninth starting position and also their pioneers of the Sunday part of the competition.

Among the other Prato drivers in the race, Federico Zelko finished seventh in the general, struggling to adapt with the Ford Escort RS 2000 he was driving for the first time, while both Fabio Bolognesi (Ford Sierra Cosworth) were unlucky, delayed in the first day by power steering problems and then restarted for the second stage with the readmission to the race, which pure Emanuele Corti. The latter, a driver from Montemurlo, stopped for the first time with the integral Lancia Delta during the early stages of the race due to mechanical problems. Tears, finally, for another long-awaited driver, the fast Lucca Giovanni Mori: he too threw in the towel after two tests due to fuel problems on his BMW M3.


The Rally Storico Città di Prato was also an opportunity to remember the great motorsport that characterized the eighties not only in the wool area but also throughout Italy. It was in fact awarded the “Memorial Massimo Boretti”, strongly desired by the family of the unforgettable driver from Prato who died in 2021, TRN Champion in 1983 together with his brother Maurizio. The trophy was awarded to the first classified local crew, therefore i Buglisi brothers.

In the competition reserved for “Sport Regularity” the success went to the Peugeot 205 of Carcerieri-Norbiato, with 145 penalties, ahead of Faccio-Gaio (Opel Kadett, with 176 penalties) and third Franchini-Coato Peugeot 205, with 204 penalties)

Jointly organized by Pistoia Racing and Sport and Motors, with partner Nuova 4M Automobili di Prato, the event brought road racing back to wool territory with strength and passion after an absence that had lasted well since 2009 and did so with a plateau of high-level starters. To bring back a car rally in Prato, the organization worked in strong synergy with the Municipalities of Prato, Vaiano, Cantagallo, Vernio, Barberino, Sambuca Pistoiese, Montale and Montemurlo, finding ample collaboration and enthusiasm, putting forward the will to communicate the territory and make the competition also a useful stimulus for the local tourist economy. The closeness is also significant of the Prato Automobile Club, which sponsored the event.



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