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One of the two: or is he really good, the best, or the others are too scarce. I’m talking about Giuseppe Marotta65, nine league titles in the last eleven seasons (that of Sarri belongs to Paratici, Nedved and Ronaldoas well as the technician, of course), some national cups and supercups and a couple of finals of Champions. While the competition is staring at the stars, macerated by doubts and negative numbers, you know what the savvy is up to Beppe from Varesealso gained thanks to Juventus? Strong of a weak property (despite the efforts of the enthusiastic and very polite Steven Zhang) and in obvious financial difficulties, with a budget that howls at the moon and empty coffers, Marotta still brought home Mkhitaryan tearing it from the Rome it’s at Mourinho (will have liked ?, I doubt), the promising deputy Brozovic Asllani and above all he placed himself in the splendid position of being able to reinforce the team with Dybala to zero and even Big Rom Lukaku on expensive loan (not less than 8, 10 million).

And that’s not all. With the help of Piero Ausilio, the dstry to recover a few million dollars through secondary operations (By Gregorio definitively sold to Monzathe placables Pinamonti, Dalbert, Sensi, Lazaro, Satriano, Casadei and Pirola). Of course he knows he has to take into account other departures, the desirable ones (Vidal and possibly Sanchez and Dzeko), and at least one heavy sale. Yet, after setting the values ​​of the most valuable pieces (Skriniar, Batons and Dumfries) and despite the hunger for money, he does not move back a meter: I want eighty and eighty you have to give me for one of the plants, 60 for the Dutchman. If everything goes as Marotta wants, obviously in the name of sustainability – word or formula abused to the point of beating the “rocket” of the eighties, the “rather than”, “absolutely yes” and the unforgettable “and so on” – Inter he will present himself with a more equipped and complete group than the one who just lost the Scudetto for a trifle.

Always he, Beppe da Varese, has acquired over the years an extraordinary political sensitivity, as well as mercantile: it manages to work on several tables and to cover even opposite and contrasting positions without the others noticing. When you hear him say “yes yes no no” know that he is going to fuck you with the delicacy of the feather. Goose, where you are the goose. Uncomfortable for him a comparison – perhaps banal but significant, oxymoron permitting – with the illustrious namesake Giuseppethe author of L’Oro di Napoli. The Gold of Milan was born in the ways and times suggested by the writer: «The possibility of getting up after each fall; a remote, hereditary, intelligent, superior patience “.

Marotta is the king of a free transfer: the best shots

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Marotta is the king of a free transfer: the best shots

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