La genialità di Marotta: tutta l'Inter è in vendita, ma si parla solo degli acquisti

The skill of Marotta and of those who communicate for him is also to make it seem that this summer of the transfer market is a summer like any other. Or rather like those until 2019, when Inter only thought about how to strengthen themselves, how to spend Suning’s money, with the aim then achieved of shortening the distance from the then queen Juventus (and in fact Lukaku and Barella, Sanchez and Godin, Sensi, Politano and Bastoni, not to mention Eriksen, taken in January for 20 million).

A few months later, Zhang closed the purse strings, but still managed not to give up substantially anyone, actually inserting the strongest right-back in the world, Hakimi, into the team. We all remember very well everything from last season, including Antonio Conte’s farewell, because the club was unable to guarantee continuity to a winning project. A gesture, that of the coach at the time, who stripped the king, preventing the company from raising the smoke on the real movements of Marotta and Ausilio, who in fact after having sold Hakimi, a few weeks after the start of the championship also placed the bang Lukaku.

These are the days of Dybala and Mkhitaryan, luxury freedoms now on the outskirts of Milan, of Asslani and Bellanova, while we do not stop talking about Lukaku and Bremer and now also of Milenkovic. A relaunch every day, a step forward every day. And every day the rumor of a requested player and a rejected offer. In the beginning it was De Vrij, then it was Bastoni, now Skriniar. And Dumfries and Barella. Only Lautaro Martinez has not yet entered the merry-go-round of the desired by the great clubs of Europe, Premier above all.

The skill of Marotta, shrewd and expert like few others, lies in never saying no, not closing anything, leaving every crack open. Inzaghi was clearly told on May 24, two days after the end of the championship: Inter must close the summer campaign with 60/70 million assets, otherwise next year cash problems will return and therefore it will be difficult to pay salaries. on the right day. He can make people laugh or cause a sensation, but that’s the way it is. And therefore all of Inter are for sale. Not in the sense that all of Inter will be sold, but whoever gets paid the most will be sold.

This is why after De Vrij and Bastoni, who cannot guarantee the necessary collection (no one has ever offered 60 million for the blue, they would have taken him to London by car), now we are talking about Skriniar, defined as non-transferable – and it is not true – and for which the fans took to the social media square en masse. For Skriniar, the PSG offer is concrete, but not yet sufficient: if the French reach 70 million from 50 million, the deal is as good as closed. But at that point the Nerazzurri market would not be closed. All incoming negotiations, pending today, would be settled almost instantly. Not Lukaku, because that is a separate case, a chess match where the Belgian has yet to make the first real move towards Chelsea.

But the outgoing market would remain open, just like last season. And the day the right offer arrives for Martinez, the strongest and most expensive of all, he too would suddenly say goodbye to the Nerazzurri company. Or do we want to think that Inter can afford Dybala, Lukaku and Martinez together?

It will be a summer of joints and bets, of tests and perspectives: the greatness of Inter is to make it look like a “normal” summer, where – as when there was money – you work to become stronger. In reality, the race is to save accounts without weakening too much. Without saying it, of course. Creativity, to use the words of Beppe Marotta.


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