Il futuro di Italiano tiene con il fiato sospeso Firenze

Although the season ended with the seventh place in the standings, which certified the official return of the club to Europe, the Fiorentina is experiencing a very special moment: after the sensational and unexpected farewell of Lucas Torreiranow Florence is trembling for the stay in viola of Vincenzo Italian. The expiration of the technician’s contract, June 2023, and the failure to agree on the renewal leaves an entire square in suspense, expecting anything but weeks like the last. After years of quicksand, with the team often struggling not to relegate, no one would have expected a shock start like this. The choice of the club not to redeem the Uruguayan midfielder, who thanks to what he demonstrated in the pitch in a short time had become a real champion of the viola fans, has weakened the dreams of many and a farewell of the coach, also idolized from the public, it would create an irreparable fracture.

THE CONTRACT – At the moment there is no agreement from an economic point of view and the parties, although there is still distance, are still working to close the operation. This is also because both, Fiorentina and the coach’s entourage, have a realistic vision of the situation: the Viola, after this year’s exploits, are certainly not looking for a new coach, on the other hand, the Italian knows that despite everything, at the moment there are benches of free level teams and for this reason staying in purple is certainly not a problem. Reaching an unexpected goal at the beginning of the season, the coach proved his worth and at the end of the season he asked for gratification in economic terms: the goal is to reach the figures agreed for his predecessors, or at least to get closer. Starting at just under a million now, the request would be that of a salary of 1.5, which is then destined to rise to two: obviously extending the contract at least until 2024, with a further option for the following year. Also to be discussed are the various prizes linked to a possible qualification to the Champions League or to the victory of the Italian Cup or Conference League.

THE FALI FACTOR – A few days after the “rediscovery” of the presence of the termination clause within the contract, which allowed Italian to free himself within the first 15 days of June upon payment of 10 million euros to the club, the coach relied on Fali Ramadani. The well-known prosecutor, who has been on good terms with the lily club for some time, immediately took the situation in hand and will meet Barone and Pradè in the coming days to find an agreement. Strengthened by good relations, they will certainly try to find a compromise to avoid breaking up.
THE MARKET – In addition to the economic aspect, as mentioned, the Italian will also want technical guarantees to face the season of the European return: the coach is aware that this year the team has gone far beyond its possibilities and counting the departures, Odriozola And Torreira above all, without a shadow of a doubt it will need many grafts at the height. With the Macedonian prosecutor, the position of Milenkovicdefensive pillar of the Viola but expiring in June 2023 and closely followed by Inter, e Luca Jovic striker out of Real Madrid and in the last hours approached to Fiorentina. At least 5/6 level grafts will be needed, otherwise at the end of the next season the Italian could decide to leave Florence and no one will have a way to stop him.

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