Ufficiale l’ingresso del Gruppo Edilimpianti Trieste nella Pallacanestro Trieste

Settimo Real Estate – a company of the Edilimpianti Trieste Group -, Trieste Enter into the Game and Andrea Monticolo communicate that they have finalized the purchase and sale of the shares in Pallacanestro Trieste 2004 Srl
The notarial deed of sale – preceded by the formal waiver of the right of pre-emption by the other shareholders – was formalized today before Dr. Alberto Giarletta, formalizing the sale of the shares of Trieste Entra in Gioco and Andrea Monticolo.
The Edilimpianti Trieste Group would like to thank all the members of Pallacanestro Trieste 2004 Srl and in particular Dr. Alessandro Busetti and Andrea Monticolo for their availability and courtesy.

“We are officially part of the largest city basketball club” – thus the Board of Directors of the Edilimpianti Trieste Group – “and we are very proud of it. However, this is not a goal, but the starting point of an adventure in which we want to be protagonists. The commitment, dedication and professionalism that we use every day for our companies, will now also find application in Trieste Basketball, which we consider an absolute asset of the city and of the fans. We will immediately work together with the other partners to help create the best conditions so that the team can best interpret the role it deserves in the national basketball scene. “

Alessandro Busetti, President of Trieste enters the game, comments: “Unfortunately the rules of the League have changed and due to associations with our legal form it has become impossible to continue to provide support in this context. Fortunately, this transformation comes at a favorable time for both realities. For Trieste Entra in Gioco, new programs for the development of social activities are envisaged; for the sports club there is an opportunity to flourish thanks to the entry of new impulses from local entrepreneurship. I reiterate that we will always feel connected to Trieste Basketball, keeping the support intact as fans. “

Andrea Monticolo is also satisfied: “Although it was a difficult decision, I feel proud to have acted for the good of the sports club. My will, as a private individual and as President of the Monticolo & Foti group, has always been to support Pallacanestro Trieste and at this time I felt it necessary to facilitate the exchange of the forces that support it, giving new impulses and greater solidity to the company. “

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