The day of Barcelona: Koulibaly at the window

NAPLES- Today will be a pivotal day for the future of the Boat but also an indicative day for the Naples market. There history is very clear: if the Members’ Assembly approves the financial maneuvers that President Laporta will illustrate to settle the 500 million debts, then the club will also be able to inaugurate the team strengthening campaign. And then devise the plan to get to Koulibalyfor the moment a objective serious but theoretical considering that beyond a collection of info and the availability of the player, no offer has been presented. The contract from Kalidou dyed blue will expire in 2023, in one season, and the starting evaluation of his card has been quantified in 40 million euros: De Laurentiis never did discounts for his fine pieces in spite of deadlines, let alone for the captain. The totem pole. The man Spalletti would like to chain like a year ago.


And then, the days of Kalidou: the idea is that his future it will not be defined too late, above all because if he were to leave the substitute would have to be delivered to Mr. Luciano in the right time to register his inclusion in the group and in the defense mechanisms. Today, we said, will certainly be a key event: Barça will find out if they can return to investing and above all if they want to follow up on the interest shown so far in words. From Barcelonaamong other things, they say that Jules is also carefully watched for the role Koundé of Sevilla, 23 years old and a 90 million release clause; and indeed they say that it would even be the preferred target. His name, however, was associated above all with the Chelseaanother club in search of a central together with the Psg. The big triangle is this: and Koulibaly, as well as Barcelona, ​​really like him Blues and the French.

The hypothesis

L’effect domino in short, international is a probability; and the Napleshaving in his hands one of the strongest defenders in the world, awaits developments. De Laurentiis made a point of the situation with Ramadani, Kalidou’s agent, but theoffer of five-year renewal proposed and declined by the player will not be able equal the current salary even if the president were willing to adjust it. The policy undertaken with the sale of Manolasthe official divorces from Insigne e Ghoulam and those in place with Mertens And Ospina it is very clear, and although the captain is considered by every single inhabitant of the blue planet to be more unique than special – including Adl – it is really difficult to hypothesize an agreement. More simple, on the other hand, one last season to expire if the famous offer does not arrive: it starts from 40 million, it can be filed for (very) little. Koulibaly, fresh from qualifying for the 2023 Africa Cup with Senegal, has returned to his family in Paris. Waiting for news. How Spalletti, teammates and fans. Like all.

Borsino market Naples: who leaves, who arrives and who is in the balance

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Borsino market Naples: who leaves, who arrives and who is in the balance

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