The best quintet ever from Fortitudo Bologna

Being able to choose five players to form a so-called ideal quintet is always a stylistic exercise and more. Certainly not easy, because it is not easy to compare players from completely different basketball eras. However, we tried to form an ideal starting five of the history of Fortitudo Bologna, recently relegated to A2 but for many years protagonist of our championship.

Carlton Myers

Myers is undoubtedly one of the most iconic players in the history of the Eagle. Endowed with sensational physical means, he remained for six years in Fortitudo, becoming the captain of the first triumphs: the Italian Cup raised to the sky in 1998 but above all the first, coveted championship, won in 2000 against Treviso. Overwhelming talent and physicality that allowed him to dominate on the offensive front but to do quite well also on the defensive one despite the many and unjust criticisms received over the years about his alleged lack of defensive attitude. His vision of the game was also nothing short of exceptional.

Gianluca Basile

Basile is the only player to have raised both league titles won by Fortitudo to the sky. He exceptional grit but above all deadly shooting. Arriving from Reggio Emilia, in biancoblu he consecrated himself among the best shooters in Italian history by coining the term “ignorant shot” for his triples thrown from sidereal distance and often even in precarious conditions. His determination made him enter the hearts of the biancoblu fans to which he is still very attached today.

Vincenzo Esposito

He is probably the most brilliant Italian offensive talent spent under the “Due Torri” on the biancoblu shore. Estro and “Cazzimma” who immediately made him loved by the Fortitudina supporters. He was part of one of the first Fortitudos of Seragnoli’s galactic era and in biancoblu he found the launch pad to take flight to the NBA. Player of the purest class.

Teoman Alibegovic

Arriving at Fortitudo Bologna a few hours after 2 April 1992, he became one of the symbols of the club’s history thanks to the extraordinary match against Reggio Emilia (28 points) which gave the Bolognese salvation and to him the nickname that still resists “Savior”. Only one season as a biancoblu player paired with Dallas Comegys, but it was enough to make him one of the most loved players in the history of L’Aquila. Sublime qualities on both sides of the field and career-high fortitude of 45 points.

Gary “Baron” Schull

It is the symbol par excellence of fortitude. Arriving in Effe on the recommendation of Richard Percudani in 1968, Schull – nicknamed the “Baron” – immediately showed his devastating qualities as a player in the area. In the five years in biancoblu, he wins the top scorer (in 1970-1971) and is the best rebounder in the league twice. Schull was known for his determination that was never lacking on the parquet, combined with an equally light-hearted air off the pitch where he also had a singing career, so to speak, given the recorded records.

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