The Bebe Vio Academy is one year old

MILAN – Bebe Vio and Nike celebrated at the Iseo Sports Center in Milan, the first year of the Bebe Vio Academy (BVA), the Italian academy in favor of inclusive sport to involve children with and without physical disabilities in the practice of sport. In its first year of activity, the BVA has gathered the enthusiastic participation of about 50 children and young people who have ventured into the various multi-sport activities proposed – football amputees and blind people, sitting volleyball, athletics, fencing and wheelchair basketball – reaching pleasant and surprising goals. Because as Bebe says “sport is for everyone!” Thanks to the support and collaboration of the Municipality of Milan, Milanosport and the CUS Milan, the activities took place from October to the end of May in 2 sports centers in the city, specifically the Iseo Sports Center and the Bicocca Stadium. “Being part of a BVA training group was an important opportunity for our son to socialize; it is a very diverse group and this is beautiful” reported one of the parents. “Our son he related to everyone; this is also why we really wanted him to play sports, because it is an important socialization experience with different dynamics compared to other opportunities for interaction. He needed to feel part of a heterogeneous and inclusive group and this was a great success”.

TRUE SUCCESS – As the wheelchair basketball coaches of the BVA, Marco Tomba and Carlo Orsi explain, “many young people arrive at the Academy not yet aware of their possibilities, convinced that they have more limits than they actually have. It therefore becomes very important to show them that they can be much more versatile than they imagine: “Come to the gym, take a ball in your hand, if you like it continue, if you don’t like it at least you know that Paralympic sport exists and that you can practice it”. Together with Bebe and the BVA athletes, the closing event of the first year of arrival saw the participation of important guests, friends of the BVA, such as Ghali and the athletes Stefano Tonut, Bruno Cerella and Martin Castrogiovanni. The athletes and coaches of the BVA, led by Giuseppe Cerqua, Bebe’s coach, welcomed and accompanied the children in an exciting experience that saw them challenge each other while having fun in different team games organized for the occasion. “After this first year, we are really enthusiastic: the Bebe Vio Academy is unique because it allows children with physical disabilities to practice five different sports together with children and teenagers without disabilities. Already after a few months of activity each of them only looks at the skills of the others and no longer cares if one has a disability or not, because they see the others only as teammates to help to win together ”said Bebe Vio. The BVA project is managed by art4sport Onlus, the association founded by the will of the world champion and her parents, which deals with studying, designing and financing limb prostheses and sports aids and everything that is needed by young athletes to practice an activity? sporty. The multi-year program of multi-sports activities aimed at children and young people between 6 and 18 years, will resume in September.

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