Tevez dice basta: il campione della gente, l'unico, più di Messi, a porter sedere davvero alla destra di Maradona

At 38 and after more than twenty as a professional, Carlitos Tevez retires from football played and today – if we look back and rewind his extraordinary career – we realize just how much it was he – in the collective imagination of the country – the only Argentine to have sat on his father’s rightwhere by father we mean Diego Armando Maradona. In the heart of Argentina, Carlitos has a special place, because no one else after El Pibe de Oro has summed up in his way of understanding the game those qualities that inflame the people. It wasn’t just special, Carlitos. He was a brother. He did not have the immense class of Leo Messi as a gift, but more than Pulce he was able to be the champion of the people.

He started and ended with Boca Juniors: three years to take a run and make a name for yourself (2001-2004) and six, the latter (2015-2017 and 2018-2022, with a short interruption to go and get cash in China), to make sense of your wanderings which brought it in Brazil (Corinthians), England (West Ham and the two shores of Manchester, United and City), Italy (2013-2015, one year with the last Conte and one year with the first Allegri) and indeed China (Shanghai Shenhua, chosen because – so he said – “I need to relax”). Tevez – the body almost stocky, but very strong – was an attacker who in the days of grace was impregnable. He had a sweet foot (the right one), a dry and formidable shot, a pirate’s ringworm, a sprint’s hurry. He has won a lot around the world, but if the most furious and luminous Tevez was the one that appeared at the beginning at Boca and the one who in 2004 won gold with Argentina at the Athens Olympics (8 goals for him, who took the title of top scorer), the best Tevez from a scoring point of view was seen in the initial two seasons at City (23 and 20 Premier League goals, it was Roberto’s team Mancini) and in the two years to Juvewhen he closed with a respectable score: 19 and 20 goals in Serie A.

The very image of Carlitos refers to a story of misery and redemption, a story from a TV series (which in fact was made with good adherence to reality and aired on Netflix). Carlitos grew up in the barrio of Ciudadela on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, a place with a high crime rate known as Ejército de los Andes, which in popular jargon took the name “Fuerte Apache”From the well-known film with Paul Newman,“ Fort Apache – The Bronx ”. “When we were playing we had to dodge the bullets flying over our heads,” he recalled when he presented his biopic. Hence his nickname, the Apache. P.er the origins, for the rebellious character, for that natural inclination to face everything and everyone with a bad face. The elements of a borderline life are all there: Carlitos did not know his father (killed in a firefight before he was born), he was abandoned by his biological mother when he was only three months old and grew up with his maternal uncles. The trace of a difficult life can also be found in the scars he has on his face, chest and neck: when he was ten months, boiling water from a container fell on his face, he remained in intensive care for two months. Those scars have become his hallmark over time.

In football Tevez has found his escape valve, its lifeline. Scattered here and there, he left some fabulous pearls: the goal scored against Parma with the Juve shirt is valid for everyone, starting from their own half and discarding a handful of opponents. With the Albiceleste he made less than expected. 76 appearances, only 13 goals from his debut in 2004 to the last match in 2015. Two (disappointing) participations in the World Cup, in 2006 and 2010, when the coach was Maradona. And to say that in his period there was the largest batch of Argentine talent of the last forty years. He teamed up with great forwards, from Wayne Rooney to Kun Aguero, from Dzeko to Higuain in the national team; and has never limited himself to the role of shoulder, always claiming space and merit with the personality that has distinguished him. He arrived at Juve after the break with Mancini at City. In reality he should have ended up at Milan. It was all done, but Berlusconi blocked the sale of Pato (engaged to the president’s daughter, Barbara) and the purchase of Tevez jumped. It would have been another story, not his.

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