Teramo a Spicchi, in panchina arriva Andrea Gabrielli

Teramo in Spicchi has chosen its new coach. Leading the red and white in their third consecutive Serie B championship will be Andrea Gabrielli, a native technical preparation from Pesaro who in the 2021/22 vintage led the Senigallia basketball team to play a season well beyond the expectations of the beginning of the championship (sixth place at the end of the regular season with 60% of victories and playoffs played with a team not top-tier, able to overcome the first round against Bisceglie after having overturned the home factor, and then surrendered in the six-final only to battleship Sebastiani Rieti). The new coach of Rennova Teramo, trained in the youth sector of the historic VL Pesaro Serie A, also boasts some championships won both at the under and senior level, bringing with him a considerable background gained in 25 years of activity on the fields all over Italy.

A trained technician, very motivated and eager to pursue a professional path that has already seen him cover important roles as Territorial Technical Manager of FIP Trentino Alto Adige for the male sector, as a coach of youth teams, arrives on the Rennova Teramo bench. elite and excellent Serie A clubs such as Pesaro, Trento and Piacenza and head coaches of B and C formations (details in the curriculum below). Roles that have always brought Andrea Gabrielli closer to an approach to basketball in which young basketball players can play a decisive role even in senior contexts, as demonstrated by the last season spent on the bench in Senigallia and brilliantly conducted at the end of a very competitive championship, such as knows who has followed the evolution of the 2021/22 season of group C of Serie B.

Andrea Gabrielli thus found a harmony of objectives with the president of Rennova Teramo Fabio Nardi, reaching a two-year agreement with TaSp: “The idea of ​​coming to coach in Teramo – these are the first words of the new red and white coach – teased me immediately, given the dynamism shown by the red and white club in recent years. The enthusiasm that I perceived from the speeches made both with the pres Fabio Nardi and with the director Carlo Di Domenico was contagious and I was favorably impressed by the fact that the more we talked to them, the more union of intentions was found. I am a person who likes to work in the field more than giving speeches but I promise fans and clubs that I will do my best to make the city even more passionate about the team. I know that a lot will depend on the results but commitment and desire to do well will never fail. As well as the firm intention to weld more and more the link between the city of Teramo and the various components of Teramo in Spicchi, from minibasket to Serie B “.

Coach Gabrielli will be presented to the press and fans on Thursday 16 June at 11 am at the Acquaviva sports center in Teramo.

Andrea Gabrielli – born in Pesaro on 17/01/1976

1997/2003 youth sector of the Victoria Libertas Pesaro (champion of Italy vintage ’88 and vice-champion of Italy vintage 89 ‘)

2003/04 Virtus Riva del Garda (Serie D championship victory)

2004/06 Virtus Riva del Garda – C2

2006/07 youth sector of L’Aquila Trento (Serie A) + Territorial Technical Manager of the FIP Trentino Alto Adige for the men’s sector

2007/08 youth sector of L’Aquila Trento – Serie A

2008/09 Basketball Rovereto – C1

2009/10 Basketball Rovereto – Serie B2

2010/11 Costa Volpino (victory of the Serie C1 championship)

2011/12 Costa Volpino – Serie B2

2012/13 Virtus Riva del Garda – Series B2

2013/14 trains elite teams and excellence in the Piacenza youth sector

2014/15 Piano Bolzano – Serie C Gold

2015/16 Virtus Riva del Garda (youth sector resp.)

2016/17 Virtus Riva del Garda (Serie D championship victory)

2017/20 Virtus Riva del Garda – Serie C Gold

2019/21 Territorial Technical Manager of FIP Trentino Alto Adige for the men’s sector

2021/22 Basketball Senigallia – Serie B

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