Strappo nel terzo quarto, resistenza nel finale: l’Olimpia Milano vince alla Segafredo Arena. 0-1

Olimpia Milano wins game-1 of the LBA Finals 2022 at the Segafredo Arena. 62-66 the final.


Eight points from Hines to start, fear at Virtus for Milos Teodosic (who leaves the field with an ankle problem, but returns in a few minutes), and 7-11 after 5 ‘. Virtus shoots badly from the field, Olimpia defends well but attacks worse, at 1.49 Sampson scores and is fouled after a great defense by Alibegovic, while Shengelia comes out with a blow to the hand that seems to leave him very sore. 10-11 at 1.16 in a very tight race, Hall goes to the line at 1.06: 10-13 at 1.05. This is the first quarter ending.


A lot, a lot of tension in the attacks. Two turnovers for Virtus, a counterattack thrown to the winds in two against one by Milan, 12-15 at 7.32. Shengelia returns with a bandage under the right elbow, Olimpia has 4 from Shields, 2 from Ricci and goes on 14-19. Belinelli is released from 3 to 6 ‘, at 4.18 Hackett impacts her on 4.21 taking a triple of pure courage, Melli for 21-23 and immediately after great controversy for a foul by the same captain Olimpia on Shengelia: at 2.01 Virtus goes on with Tessitori on 24-23. 27-28 after 10 ‘with the error of Milos Teodosic on the siren. Virtus 6/22 from 2, 2/10 from 3, 9/14 to free. Milan 10/27 from 2, 1/13 from 3, 3/7 from the lunette. 6 by Hackett, 8 by Hines (all in start).


Milan starts with 4 from Shields and 2 from Chacho, Virtus responds with 3 from Teodosic and 2 from Shengelia. Bentil and Shields again for the 32-38 maximum Milan advantage at 7 ‘, Hines finishing up 32-40 at 6.08 for Scariolo’s timeout. At 5.35 the +10 of Datome (12-2 of partial), and immediately after it is again 70 to strike from outside (32-45 at 4.23). Virtuas responds with a Sampson basket and a recovery from Hackett which is worth the counterattack of Belinelli (36-45 at 3.45), Messina timeout. The race remains on the gap, Shields rises to 18, 40-50 after 30 ‘.


Virtus starts with Alibegovic and Sampson and collects (44-50), Hines invents for Melli but Teodosic hits from outside. He pushes Virtus, Milan catches a basket with the Chacho after three offensive rebounds and the Spaniard also responds to Milos (7 for him in 3.30), and Datome hits 3 on the siren (51-59 at 6.13). Then technical to Hackett after a clash with Chacho, Datome misses the free and Sampson crushes a crucial tap-in on Hackett’s mistake (53-59 at 5.08). Shengelia supports -4 at 4.08 and Messina timeout. Sampson also participates in a recovery on Hall, Shengelia crashes the -2, at 3.11 Virtus in the line with the fourth foul by Melli offensive rebound: 0/2 by Hackett, Shields on the other side goes into isolation on Belinelli and takes a foul . After it is Teodosic’s foul on Bentil, 2/2 and 57-61 at 2.46. Given the turn for 57-63, Hackett misses at the entrance, Weems misses from 3, Shengelia too, Melli misses at 33 “and -4 Toko at 27”. Pinwheel of free. 1/2 by Melli, triple by Teodosic’s -2 at 18 ”. Hall in the bezel: 2/2 at 17 ”. Virtus throw-in but Milan recovers at 7 ”.

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