Tamberi: "The World Cup begins in Rome"

ROME – “After five participations, now I just want to win and maybe show up in Eugene in mid-July with the best fit of the season to grab the only title I still lack: the open-air World Championship”. Gianmarco Tamberi is back to being a cyclone, of words and feelings. For the facts just wait for tonight when, at 19.55, she will get off on the platform located in front of the South Curve.

The sample Tokyo Olympic with 2.37, in cohabitation with his friend Barshim, shows up at the press conference in basketball gear, purple shoes and a pair of spikes around the neck full of names, logos and iconic places: “Mum”, “Dream”, “Lasagne”, “Portland” (where in 2016 won the indoor world gold medal), “Tokyo” (obviously) and two wedding rings (when in September he will get married with Chiara). “They represent all the things most important to me,” she says with a awareness that his competition tonight will be the highlight of the Golden Gala. But also a challenge to complete all of his projects.

Objective 2.40

Projects which in order are: “In 2021 I won the diamond circuit in the final in Zurich, and now I want to conquer Rome too after the second place with 2.27 two years ago behind the Ukrainian Protsenko (whom he will meet again tonight; ed) and the third of last year (in the edition that took place in Florence, when with 2.33 he mortgaged the success of Tokyo; ed). Then win the World to Eugene and fly one day above 2.40 altitude: only then will my journey make sense ». The two meters and 40 centimeters actually had already touched them in Monte Carlo in 2016, on the eve of the Rio Olympics when he, after having jumped 2.39, he was seriously injured in the assault at 2.41.
“That injury marked me and will always mark me – he says – Not even Olympic gold will ever heal that scar.” Sample of resiliencehas never lost enthusiasm, “because I always want to show the best of myself, even in adversity and every time I find an obstacle I work hard to find a solution”.

Jacobs fan

There season post-Olympic began with the impromptu release to World Cup indoor in March, when he grabbed the podium and continued a bit quietly outdoors. Until 2.30 of ten days ago a Ostrava, when he just missed the 2.34 that would have projected him to the top of the world in the seasonal rankings. “In the meantime, things got better and better, I made progress in rhythm and technique”. Above all, the unstoppable impulses to rise higher and higher have returned. In Ostrava he had also celebrated i 30 years: «But I cannot say that I have reached maturity, that is achieved day after day». Tonight there will be no friend-rival Barshim, with whom in addition to the gold in Tokyo he shared important injuries: “I’m very sorry, I knew he had physical problems and did everything to be there: I hope to see him again on the platform at Eugene ». Me too’absence on the track of Jacobs on the 100 is reason for regret: «It would have been nice to relive the spirit of those fantastic ten minutes of our triumphs in Tokyo on the evening of August 1st. But I know that Marcell will be in the stands to cheer me on and that he will overcome the physical difficulties in time for Eugene ». Tamberi is already in mode World Cup: «Rome will be my penultimate race before flying to Oregon, the last one at the Assoluti di Rieti on June 26th». In the meantime we need to think about winning the Olimpico: «With the exception of the South Korean Woo, there are all the best, but I’m not afraid of them: I will have the fans of the Curva Sud with me».

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