Swimming safely and Rome 2022. The SPQR beach is inaugurated

Saturday 4th June, at 10.00, Ostia will become the showcase of the project “Me and water – swimming in safety. To avoid a sea of ​​troubles ”on the occasion of the inauguration of the free beach SPQRon the Lungomare Amerigo Vespucci, in the stretch of water between the Venice and Gambrinus bathing establishments, given in agreement by the Rome X Municipality to the Italian Swimming Federation in view of the Europeans.

Cross-country competition field

From this beach Gregorio Paltrinieri and the other champions of the continent will swim the open water swimming marathons from 18 to 21 August (5, 10, 25 kilometers and relays). Always here i master’s degree of all ages will compete in the natural waves of the Roman coast from 24 to 26 August (3 kilometers) on the occasion of the Europeans dedicated to them.

Avoid a Sea of ​​Trouble

And the Ostia beach could only be the venue for the 2022 edition of “Me and the water – swimming in safety. To avoid a sea of ​​troubles “, the event conceived by the Italian Swimming Federation and Rome 2022, organized in collaboration with the Harbor Master’s Office-Coast Guard, Civil Protection and Fire Brigade, promoted thanks to the sensitivity of the President of the Rome Municipality X Mario Falconi , the Director of the Rome X Municipality Carla Scarfagna and the Councilor for Sport Valentina Prodon. An event that over the years has become a fixed appointment at the opening of the bathing season, in the name of water prevention and safety that are the basis of the “federal mission”. One of the mascots of Euro Roma 2022 Gastone held the “ribbon cutting” baptism.

Esteemed 200 children which together with Gastone and to the guests present they will distribute the gadgets of the event and a card to be filled with the five stamps that correspond to the five educational islands: aquatic safety, first aid, environmental protection, dog units and competitive rescue activities. The day will end with the performance of rescue simulation at sea which will see the lifeguards, the canine units of the FIN with the main rescue tools as protagonists: skate, stand up paddle, prone paddle board, floating spine board.

Historical outline of swimming for salvation

Salvation in Italy was officially born on September 28, 1899 in the town hall of Ancona with the aim of divulging, through the practice of swimming, rescue and first aid training. Since then, the Italian Salvamento Society and its sections have distinguished themselves for an intense educational activity based on teaching swimming movements, lifesaving courses and first aid for asphyxiated people (the basic program was adopted by the Armed Forces). The courses normally ended with competitions and essays of swimming and rescue skills.

In 1936 the Italian Salvamento Society merged into the FIN becoming a section, namely the Swimming for Salvation. This synergy has resulted in unexpected results over time, especially on the social level, to the point that the Italian government authorities in 1960, at the end of a long and thoughtful decision-making process, recognized the Marine Lifeguard Assistant of the FIN Salvamento Section as a valid title to disengage the activity of lifeguard.

Salvation in Italy

The rescue activity in Italy – in harmony with a constant search for high and specific professionalism and in line with the changed social realities of the country, increasingly aimed at protecting the environment and towards Civil protection – has further activated with an enormous commitment of resources, in the creation of highly specialized federal centers for the rescue and survival of lakes, at sea, rivers and in the event of floods; to guarantee helicopter rescue assistance with specific projects and programs of public utility and with the adaptation of tools and vehicles at the service of operators, including the use of jet skis and rescue dogs, which have revolutionized rescue operations by accelerating and perfecting intervention times.

Within the national organization, the rescue section of the Italian Swimming Federation plays, through its principals throughout the territory, a decisive role for the training, and subsequently to ensure updating, of lifeguards; in synergy with the Civil Protection, the Coast Guard, the Fire Brigade, the Italian Red Cross, Regions, Provinces and Municipalities, also in the context of projects for the protection of the marine environment.

With his efforts, together with the training of Lifeguards and the promotion of swimming, the Italian Swimming Federation has thus allowed a progressive decrease in accidents in the water and deaths from drowning, making Italy one of the safest countries in the world.
The results obtained in the field of safety of life in water are a positive example and model to follow for the other world associations that operate in the rescue.
The commitment, the professionalism of the excellence employed by the rescue section of the Italian Swimming Federation, and the quality standards of the training course, are now internationally recognized and fundamental parameters of the entire movement, represented at a competitive level also by absolute and youth National Teams. which in recent years have particularly distinguished themselves at the world and European championships.

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