Swimming, Absolute Synchro.  Mixed at the RN Savona, Duo al Busto

It’s all a mix between spectacle, emotions, games of glances, leaps, lights and sparkling clothesin a general enthusiasm that also represents that return to normal after two years of restrictions caused by the pandemic. The summer absolutes in Savona continue with the third day that offered two more titles.


In the female duo, the talented winners, after finishing in the lead in the preliminary rounds (86.9000) Alessia Macchi and Susanna Pedotti – registered for Bust Swimming and both 17-year-olds – close the final routine with 86.4333 (25.9000 execution, 34.5333 artistic impression, 26.0000 difficulty); behind them are confirmed, as in the preliminary rounds, the San Marino Jasmine Varbena and Jasmine Zonzini (Sport Village) with 85.6333 and the Ligurians Vittoria Meucci and Vittoria Pieri (RN Savona) with 84.4000.


In the mixed, absent the blue couple formed by Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggierothey impose themselves Sofia Mastorianni and Nicolò Ogliari (RN Savona), which improve the 83.9333 of the preliminaries, and conclude with 84.6667 points (25.2000 execution, artistic impression, elements); with them on the podium Elisa Cicchetti and Edoardo Fanton (Flaminio Sporting Club) seconds with 81.3000 e Diana Bonicelli and Filippo Pelati (CN Uisp Bologna) with 77.4000.


The performances of the Ukrainian national team continue, which although out of the standings, goes into the water to prepare for the World Cup. Two couples go down into the water. Sisters Vladyslava and Maryna Aleksiiva who obtain 96.900 and Anastasiia Shmonina and Daria Moshynska with 92.6667. The girls of head coach Svitlana Saidova present in Savona the exercises they have prepared for the world championships in this pool and before that at the Frecciarossa Aquatic Center in Host.


There are no Azzurri engaged in Recco in the pre-world championship where they are fine-tuning the exercises for Budapest but the girls of the Ukrainian National team who were welcomed by the Italian Swimming Federation first inside the Frecciarossa Swimming Pool go down into the water, very motivated and well trained. in Ostia and later in Savona. The girls, who fled the war, found their second home in Italy and, thanks to Federnuoto, the opportunity to continue training and competing by participating outside the rankings in the absolute. They want to test their exercises and present the program they will perform in Hungary.

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