Suarez e la Juve, ci risiamo. Nel 2020 il blitz di Paratici, l'esame farsa di Perugia, le intercettazioni e il processo

After two years, it’s back to talk about Luis Suarez to Juve. In 2020 the Uruguayan was the main goal in attack of the bianconeribut the deal fell through following the fuss it caused “the farce exam”Of the player, then just released from Barcelona, in order to obtain Italian citizenship. This time, however, the Gunslinger he offered himself to the Old Lady, looking for a deputy Vlahovic. So sometimes they come back.

THE CASE – The Suarez-Juve affair has held the ground for months and has not yet closed. The investigation has in fact doubled and, while sports justice has run its course, the ordinary one is still in progress. And the September 2020the Uruguayan striker plays atUniversity for foreigners of Perugia an Italian language exam (level B1) to obtain Italian citizenship and accelerate his transition to Juventus. According to the investigators, the examination was organized “only to allow Suarez to obtain, in the time required by Juve, and following a fictitious examination procedure, the linguistic certification necessary for obtaining Italian citizenship”. The exam lasted a few minutes and the player was promoted. After the fuss, however, the attacker got married atAtletico Madrid.

THE RESULTS – After months of investigations, in December 2021, the Figs announced the closure of the investigation and the total extraneousness of the Juventus to the facts, since from the acts no elements emerged to prove illegal conduct in the sports field of the Juventus sports managers. All Juventus exponents are therefore acquitted, Paratici primarily. The current Tottenham manager had in fact been “dumped” by Lambs who had communicated to the investigators his total freedom in undertaking negotiations.

There ordinary justice instead it went ahead and led to the investigations, still in progress, for the former rector Giuliana Grego Bolli, who resigned from her role, the former DG of the Simone Olivieri University, Professor Stefania Spina and Juventus lawyer Maria Cesarina Turco (Professor Lorenzo Rocca, examiner, had already negotiated a year). For the first three the accusation is that of forgery and disclosure of office secrets, while Dr. Turco has been indicated as a “moral competitor and instigator” of the crime of forgery. The university was identified as the injured party in the proceedings. After various postponements, one of which to deposit the transcripts of some environmental interceptions, the suspects remained the 5 cited, even if the hypothesis has lapsed corruption. The prosecutor of Perugia communicated the conclusion of the preliminary phase and will now have to formulate the request for indictment. We are therefore at the final stages of the process. From the same procedure, a further one then emerged strandwhich involved three exams organized in a co-op in Seregno, in the province of Monza and Brianza, between July and November 2018 and which led to seven sentences after an abbreviated trial in Monza.

INTERCEPTIONS – The Suarez case was a catchphrase in the media, also thanks to some wiretapping that later came out on the Italian and non-Italian media. One of the overwhelming evidence against the former Barcelona had been a video intercepted with a micro camera in which the Uruguayan footballer could be seen struggling with the exam. In this, the 35-year-old Uruguayan was asked to describe two images that he had replied as follows: “There are four people, dad, mom, boy and girl … to go shopping … baby brings watermelon …”. The link between Suarez and Juve could therefore experience a new chapter, but this time the Bianconeri have a free non-EU position and could sign up for the Gunslinger without bureaucratic problems.

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