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In the past few hours, the United States has been shocked, for the umpteenth time, by a massacre that took place in the school environment. Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old boy, after having shot and seriously injured his grandmother, went to the Robb Elementary School in Uvaldein Texas, with a semi-automatic rifle and opened fire in a classroom, killing 19 children and 3 adults before being shot by the police himself. Before Race-4 between Warriors and Mavericks last night, Steve Kerr he launched a heartfelt appeal. The Golden State coach, almost in tears, vehemently demanded that something be done on a political level to limit the circulation of weapons.

Currently in the USA, and in Texas in particular, it is in fact very easy to find weapons. Ramos himself had bought two rifles without a license and, living in Texas, he could also safely walk legally on the street armed.

Do we want to do something ?! I’m sick of having to come here and offer my condolences to devastated families, I’m sick of the minutes of silence, that’s enough! There are 50 senators who still refuse to vote on a law to restrict the circulation of weapons. There is a law that has been in the Senate for two years. And there’s a reason it’s not voted on, these senators want to keep their power. So I ask you, senators: do you put your thirst for power before the lives of our loved ones, our children? Because that’s how things seem to be. We are in this situation every week. I’m angry, we’re going to play a game of basketball tonight, but I want all of you here to think of your children, grandchildren, your mother, father, brother, sister. How would you be if all of this happened to you today?

We can’t get used to all of this! We can’t come here and say “Well this happened”, have a minute of silence and then “Go Dubs!” or “Come on, Mavs! Here we go!”. We will play a game of basketball. While 50 senators in Washington are holding us hostage. Think about it that 90% of the American population who would like a gun law, regardless of political ideology, are held hostage by 50 senators in Washington who refuse to even vote, despite what the population wants. They will not vote that law because they want to hold on to their power! It’s pathetic, I’ve had enough!

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