Stavropoulos: Virtus has crossed the line.  Hines?  Confirmation was the minimum

From the friends of Real Olimpia, the words of Christos Stavropoulos in the press conference at the end of the season.

The Greek touched on numerous topics: obviously the title, but also the controversies that came from Virtus, as well as a first look at the market for next season. With the important official announcement of the renewal of Kyle Hines, who was about to expire his contract.

Christos Stavropoulos | The contribution of the public

The gm talked about the red and white audience and the more than 12,000 present in the championship finals: “I believe that in recent years, if we look around in Europe, there are the various classics, in Spain, Greece and Germany. We can compare these matches between Milan and Virtus, for their high quality, with great involvement of the public and the media. These days I have old memories for this atmosphere here in Milan: the warmth of the public, for how they gave us a hand, was important to us. A harmony and with this strength we can do many things“.

Christos Stavropoulos | The controversy and the relationship with Virtus

The controversy with Virtus were a theme of the tricolor series: “When they won the Eurocup, we complimented them. We believe it is important for the Italian movement, but in the last period we have seen some strange things. Even before the finals they started talking about referees, appointments, Milanocentrism. Before race 5 they declared they were playing ‘against everything and everyone’, which I don’t understand what that means, then there was that unfortunate exit from the owner. We have never answered until that moment“.

The answer to Zanetti: “We had an obligation to respond, because they exceeded the limit. They were very intense matches, in the end the best prepared and best-performing team won. When Milan has to say something, it does it in the right places or publicly, everything we will do is for the good of the championship“.

Christos Stavropoulos | The market of summer 2022

The market news of the day was the renewal of Kyle Hines: “We are very happy to still have him with us. His commitment is an example and it was the least we could do“.

There team for next year it seems almost done: “If I have to consider all the rumors, maybe I have to ask the Lega for a G-League team too, given the number of players on the roster. We already have thoughts, like Milan we always work during the year, but we still have to finalize things with the players, there are still no certainties. We will make announcements in the coming weeks, today we are here to celebrate the Scudetto“.

How will the roster be Olympia: “He will have to have experience, but also the freshness of new players. Then it is very important to have important Italian players. The recipe, both for Italy and for the Euroleague, is to be physical, fast and well prepared athletically. We will try to continue like this, because the objectives are always the same, that is to conquer all the titles and go to the playoffs and the Euroleague Final Four.“.

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