Lo sport contro il bullismo. Il Basket Ravenna in visita all’ITIS Nullo Baldini

Last Friday Basket Ravenna was a guest atItis “Nullo Baldini” to meet the class 4AEI, who participated in the “Honest, with sport stop bullying” competition with the short film “Smile” written, directed and performed by them. All the staff and players were positively impressed by the message of the video, so much so that the head coach Alessandro Lotesoriere and the point guardAustin Tilghmantogether with the General Manager Giorgio Bottaro and to the team manager Lorenzo Nicoletti, they wanted to congratulate the class in person, before the end of the school.
The short shows how sport, in this specific case basketball, can help young people to overcome unpleasant situations that can occur in the peculiar phases of growth. A deeply topical topic which was followed by a very heartfelt dialogue with the students, who asked the guests several questions on the close link between values ​​in sport and values ​​in life. The trust placed in a passage, the team spirit, not giving up in difficulties, making sure that “the cohesive force of the molecules becomes a devastating impact force” to use the words of Marco Tosi Brandithe sports science teacher who oversaw the meeting as well as CONI bronze medal for sporting merits, former coach of the men’s national handball team, with twenty years of experience in the service of the Olympic committee and now technical delegate for the European and international federation.Never give up, word of Austin Tilghman
The story of the American player is particularly sensitive, full of lessons for young people who, in their growth path, must never give up, starting from scratch but have ever-increasing goals. “When I left university I just wanted to play basketball, maybe make it my job but I haven’t received any calls for a year – he recalled. Austin Tilghman – It was hard, I thank my mother who has always supported me then the opportunity to play in Portugal came. And I chose to wear the number “zero” tank top which meant zero proposals, zero teams. That number, which I wear in every match, always reminds me that I have to commit myself, strive to be the best player and the best person possible to prove my worth and that I can do it. It’s a very special number for me “

The headteacher Antonio Grimaldi in greeting the guests, he confirmed that the initiative, now in its initial phase, will see further developments and paths with the new school year with an even closer link and involvement between the sports club and the school.

The short film

SMILEthe video of the 4AEI class is participating in the Onesti nella sport competition “With sport, stop bullying”
The best works chosen by the Commission will be invited to attend the European swimming championships in August, in Rome. To support and vote for this project, you need to “like” the youtube video:

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