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The risk of a experiment so bold against the Germany it was just that. Transform into one of those formations collectors which in retreats are used to coach the first team. If there’s one thing that’s out of place about this workout, it’s irritation Mancini. Who makes gambling his own strategyfielding nine elevenths different from those who won easy with Hungary and drew honorably against England, changes the module tactician before the end of the first half going from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2, try a central defender like Scalvini in the role of central midfielder, and then he is surprised that theItaly lunges. As if he didn’t know that most of the Germans have already won at least one Champions League.

A experiment conceived in this way it can be useful for evaluating the qualities and the ability to react of individuals, not for testing a new cycle, which requires running-in and harmony for a smaller group. If between games you replace all four defenders, you can not expect them to hold the line neatly and close the space to the shooting positions of the opponents, as Calabria failed to do on the first goal. Then, of course, the Germany dribbles with enviable speed and reasoning, plays between the lines by verticalizing and unmarking the midfielders on shooting, tames every attempt at reaction by the Azzurri with a tactical and psychological mastery that shows all the difference between a team that legitimately aims to get on the podium of the Qatar is one that Qatar will see on TV.

However, something remains from this window experimental end of season. First of all, the evolution of the game which, albeit in flashes, Mancini has propitiated, focusing on congenial verticalizations to more dynamic midfielders than the duo of setters Verratti-Jorginho. Secondly, the positive test for some Azzurri to whom the coach gave courageously confidence, and among these certainly Tonali, Frattesi, Gatti, Scamacca. Thirdly, Pellegrini’s empowerment as a true team man for the national team, to which the Roma player responded by proving himself ready to take up the challenge.

A speech apart it deserves Gnonto. Nobody can think that a talented 18-year-old, without any experience in competitive football of the Top Leagues nor in the European Cups, could be the present or the future next of the national team. Giving him confidence, Mancini has rather sent a message to the clubs that up to now have put their short-sighted market strategies and the urgency to win ahead of Italy’s fate. That shirt to the Zurich striker simply means “let the young players play”, an appeal that we feel we can share.

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