Skinny: I received offers but I remain faithful to the project, 12 players will be needed 12

Alessandro Magro, coach of Germani Brescia, gave a long and interesting interview to

There are many topics covered, here we report some of the most significant passages.

On the confirmation of Amedeo Della Valle, MVP of the championship.

“Last summer we built the team around him and he certainly hasn’t forgotten it. We helped each other. His leadership helped us a lot, for our part as coaching staff we went to meet him as much as possible to put him in the best conditions. Amedeo knows that we can do the same thing next season when we also play a European competition. I also understand that at his age he may have the desire to try again to play in the Euroleague, but if he does, he will sit down with Marco De Benedetto and they will find a solution because it is good to remember that he has a dead-end contract for another two years “.

On the offers received after the excellent year.

“It was normal for them to arrive given the season, but I immediately spoke to Mauro Ferrari and it didn’t take much to understand that I wanted to stay at Germani. First of all out of a sense of gratitude towards those who believed in me a year ago and then because I am used to completing projects. And since ours is three years, we are not even halfway through the journey. We have created a beautiful model and we want to continue to carry it forward together. I am grateful to Mauro for letting me bring Marco De Benedetto, with whom I have a great feeling. We saw Ithaca, we enjoyed the trip, it was a winning season despite the play off ending in the first round. We were aiming for the semifinal, but it is good to know that even if we had reached it, Della Valle and Gabriel would not have been there for at least the first two races ”.

Will a roster of 12 players be needed for next season?

“Absolutely yes. There will be no child and no one waving the towels. Regardless of the type of European Cup we will play, there must be players on the roster who are able to be on the pitch at least 15 ‘per game. The step will be to quickly find the right chemistry, looking at what Milan and Virtus Bologna do where the players play from 10 to 27 minutes on average. To have such a competitive team, the economic effort will also be considerable “.

David Moss as a ‘cup foreigner’?

“It could be a good solution, but first we need to understand how many visas each club will have. If there are eight, as is rumored, it could be done. David has given us a lot this year too. In NBA we talk about accountability, we could translate it as a sense of responsibility. In this he is fantastic. My will is to keep him, but his status is that of an American and therefore he has to get stuck in certain speeches. I have known him from the years in Siena, his mentality is perfect and he is the winning one. When I told him that he wasn’t going to play in game 2, he didn’t make a fuss, he didn’t argue, demonstrating a maturity and awareness that make him a special player “.

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