Simone Pierich saluta i Raggisolaris, sarò team manager a Trento

Simone Pierich greets the Raggisolaris to make the big leap into Serie A1 where he will be the Team Manager of Aquila Basket Trento. A prestigious call that the Faenza company has obviously supported, letting him leave for this great and important new adventure. Of course, it will be sorry not to have such a professional and beloved Team Manager anymore, but the pride of the Raggisolaris is to have made Simone debut in the new managerial role after having had him for a year as a player, starting his new career right from Faenza.

Filippo Raggi, President of Raggisolaris.

“A special thanks goes to my now former Team Manager Simone for the work done with commitment, dedication and a lot of humility. An adventure, ours, which began by pure coincidence in the times and ways on the playing field where he demonstrated with authority and experience what his professional career tells and then continued with enthusiasm in his new role: a glance and 10 seconds were enough. of understanding to define it. Simone will remain part of our family and Faenza will always remain a happy place to return to. I wish him to be able to grow up and to face the new beautiful and intense adventure with the same humility and with the same smile and humor that we will miss so much. Hello Simone”.

Andrea Baccarini, General Manager

“We met Simone two years ago, but it seemed we had known each other for a lifetime, because he is a person with a wonderful character who immediately puts you at ease. After a year as a player, in the last season we lived side by side in the daily activities of the team and for me it will be like losing a travel companion. I am sorry for his departure above all on a human level, but at the same time the feeling that prevails is the joy for the opportunity that has come to him. I believe that his move to Aquila Basket Trento is also a little bit of our merit and fills me with pride. In just one year as Team Manager he has earned the call from the A1 series thanks to his professionalism and I am sure that he will make the most of it. We will stay in touch and Faenza will always remain his home “.

Simone Pierich, at Raggisolaris from 2020 to 2022 first as a player and then as Team Manager.

“I thank Filippo Raggi who was the first to offer me this new role different from the basketball played, making me understand so many dynamics that I could not fully understand from inside the field. I also thank Andrea Baccarini, Franco Tampieri, Cristian Fabbri and the Raggisolaris Academy for always being close to me on this path and for making me work in the best possible way. And then of course I thank all the people of the Raggisolaris staff with whom an important and winning synergy has been created and Luigi Garelli, whom I found after many years, this time, however, no longer playing the role of a player. We all managed to compete in a great and unforgettable season that we will remember for a long time. Alberto Serra also deserves a thought and a thank you, who last summer focused on me for this role as team manager.

In Faenza I lived two wonderful years and I thank the management for having understood and supported my choice to accept such an important role in a noble company that will be fundamental for my professional and human growth. Thanks Faenza and thanks Raggisolaris “.

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