Shomurodov, a hat-trick to Moriero to win back Rome

ROME – Eldor Shomurodov send a signal to Mourinho in view of the next season. One of those that will certainly please the Portuguese coach: hat-trick in the national team and a great desire to relaunch also with the Roma shirt. Shomurodov was absolute hero of his 4-0 victory Uzbekistan against the Maldives with three important goals that led to the second consecutive victory and first place in the qualifying group for the next Asian Cup. A hat-trick against a not exactly ordinary coach: Francesco Moriero sits on the Maldives bench, in Rome for three seasons, from 1994 to 1997, a winger that Carlo Mazzone strongly wanted in the Giallorossi.

After just two minutes the captain of the Uzbek selection arrived at Roma last summer, beat the Maldives goalkeeper taking advantage of a defensive inattention, then at 51 ‘a nice right angled from the edge of the penalty area and to finish an action in the 80’ solitary on the counterattack in which he managed to overcome the two central players and pierce the goalkeeper at the exit. In short, a good test to close this not exciting season in the yellow and red in the best possible way and prepare with the right enthusiasm for the next one in the yellow and red. «They were three important points for the group standings – declared the center forward at the end of the match -. Now I want to continue like this also to enter the history of the national team ». In fact, Shomurodov is only three goals away from Uzbekistan’s top scorer, Maksim Shaskix, former Dynamo Kiev center forward and scoring 34 goals for his country.

Change pace

But that’s not enough, because the goal of Eldor is to have his say even with the shirt of Rome. Five goals this season: three in the league, one in the Conference and another in the Coppa Italia. Few, although some effective in order not to lose two precious points in Serie A in the race for the Europa League. Mourinho he was not satisfied with his impact in the Giallorossi and showed it to him with many benches until the same striker realized he had to work harder to stay at Roma and demonstrate his qualities. Shomurodov he questioned himself, struggled in training and changed his attitude, which was decidedly more proactive in the last months of the season. And Mourinho repaid him by making him play in the last league games and also giving him a few minutes in the final with Feyenoord. Hence the decision of the Special One not to reject him but to give him a second opportunity to show Roma his skills. “Great Eldor”, wrote Mou under the photo published by the attacker on social media that portrays him with the cup of Conference. The thanks of the Uzbek to the coach are a further sign of his desire to show him the value of him. Shomurodov will wear the Giallorossi shirt again next season, he will be in Trigoria to take advantage of his chances and become important not only for the national team but also for his club.

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