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Serie C playoffs, promotion for Palermo! Palermo returns to Serie B after three years: with a penalty converted by Brunori at 24 ‘, the rosanero beat Padova 1-0 in the home return of the playoff final in a stadium packed with 30,000 fans. A result that is the exact replica of the one gained in the first leg in Veneto. For the rosanero the wait for the return to the cadet series lasted from 12 May 2019, the date of the match with the Cittadella (2-2) that qualified the Sicilian team to the play-offs for Serie A: a round then never played for the penalty , which was followed by radiation.

Serie C playoffs, promotion for Palermo! The match report

Baldini’s team approaches the game in the right way, unlocks it in the first half and then in the second half it could also spread with the opponents reduced to 10 (in 9 in the recovery) due to the naive expulsion of Ronaldo. Once again the MVP of the match is the bomber Matteo Brunori who before the match also receives the “Mario Facco” award from the president of the Lega Pro Ghirelli for the best goal of the season, scored in Monopoli. Party in the stands two hours before the match with a renewed twinning between the two fans.

At 14 ‘goal ball for Palermo with Brunori who after a personal action comes face to face with Dannurumma, the goalkeeper is saved with a great save at the near post. At 25 ‘Palermo unlocks the result on a penalty kick converted by Brunori and granted for a hand ball by Pelagatti. Padova shows up in the 29th minute with a free kick from Ronaldo, the ball is not deflected by anyone and ends up in Massolo’s arms. At 39 ‘it is Jelenic who commits Massolo with a low shot from a tight angle.

The recovery begins and Palermo almost doubled at 1 ‘again with Brunori who, on Floriano’s corner, saw the conclusion rejected on the line. Palermo again in the 9th minute with a left-footed turn in Floriano’s area that Donnarumma is good at putting in a corner. At 12 ′ Padova remains in ten for the expulsion of Ronaldo, guilty of having trimmed a header in Perrotta, certified by the Var. At 17 ′ Palermo still treacherous with Floriano who concludes inside the area but does not find the door. At 24 ′ Donnarumma performs a miracle on Luperini’s header, while on the other side Saber devours the goal by crushing the ball with his head. Then Palermo devours a series of scoring with fella on two occasions, Luperini and above all with Soleri who throws at him in front of the goalkeeper. At 45 ‘Padova remains in nine after the second admonition to Pelagatti.

Serie C playoffs, promotion for Palermo! The happiness of Silvio Baldini and the disappointment of Padua

The rosanero coach after the 1-0 victory over Padova in the second leg of the Serie C playoffs, declares to Sky Sport: “I knew it was going to happen. You don’t have to rejoice because they give you a medal, you have to go on. When you have such a responsibility, football must be a vehicle of love ”. And again, speaking of his players: “Tonight they will come home, hug their wife and children and know that nothing is out of reach. I dedicate this victory to my life partner: if I am the person I am it is thanks to her “. The bitter disappointment of Padua is counterbalanced by the coach Oddo in the press room: “They deserved the victory. They were better than us. The explanations must be searched thoroughly, now on the wave of emotion it is not easy. We had to be meaner, have more desire and personality on the pitch. From the beginning we lacked incisiveness, we lost several tackles and so it is difficult to win games. We granted the penalty, we never found the right strength to react, perhaps away from home with an audience so going under has demoralized us. I am very sorry, I like the company. For me it is the first time, for many the second (even last year Padua was defeated in the final, ed), it is not tonight that we decide the future, the club and I get to know each other and we will see together which is the best way to go. run across”


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