Finale Serie A2, l’angolo tecnico di coach Paolo Lepore: la presentazione della Givova Scafati

Game 4 of the playoff final of Serie A2 Old Wild West is scheduled for Sunday 12 June in the Gold Scoreboard between Tezenis Verona and Apu Old Wild West Udine: after the victory in Game 3, Tezenis leads 2-1. Final best of 5 games, with alternating home-home-away-away-home. The winning team is promoted to Serie A.

Sunday 12 June, 8.45 pm
Verona: Tezenis-Apu Old Wild West Udine (Series: 2-1 Verona)

At the following link all the information on the Gold Scoreboard of the Serie A2 Old Wild West 2022 Playoffs (scoreboard, formula, calendars):

old wild West
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The Serie A2 Old Wild West championship is offered in full live streaming on the LNP Pass platform, in its seventh year of activity. It is possible to access the contents of the platform, created in partnership with Viewlift, from the web, mobile, Smart TV and game consoles. LNP is the first European basketball league to be broadcast on Amazon Fire TV, IOS TV and Roku AppS. The service, by subscription, can be reached at the link and on the iOS and Android App.

National Basketball League, for the second season, has struck a deal with Mediasport Group for the TV coverage of the Serie A2 Old Wild West 2021-2022 championship. The agreement allows fans to follow the live broadcast of the tournament in clearon the platform Digital Terrestrial MS Sport (visible in clear on the whole national territory to the 402 DTT channel), on Sky satellite bouquet (canal 814, pay) and on the Tivusat satellite platform (channel 54, free to air), hosting the programming of MS Channel. LNP Pass, which maintains the exclusivity of live streaming, also this year offers its subscribers the identical product created for the race of the week. Thanks to the new MS Plus interactive platform with HBBTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) technology, all Smart TVs enabled for this service (which requires Internet connection) now allow viewing in HD of some Mediasport Group OTT channels and its partners, including LNP Pass content. Sunday 12 June Live on MS Sport and MS Channel Game 4 of the playoff final in the Gold Scoreboard between Tezenis Verona And Apu Old Wild West Udinefrom the AGSM Forum of Verona, starting at 20.45. Verona is leading 2-1 in the series in the best of 5 games. Commentary by Matteo Gandini, technical commentary by Paolo Lepore.

Where: AGSM Forum, Verona
When: Sunday 12 June, 8.45pm
Referees: Caforio, Rudellat, Pazzaglia
Series: 2-1 Verona
Live TV on MS Sport (digital terrestrial channel 402) and MS Channel (satellite channel 814, Sky platform and channel 54, Tivusat platform)
Live on LNP Pass:

Alessandro Ramagli (coach) –
“We played a great match in Game 3, nothing to say. Great game behind and intelligent front, with a good discipline we looked for the things we wanted to do. We must not listen too much to what is buzzing around us. We have to play a new game trying to do it to the best of our ability, if we are good we will do one business and if we are not good we will have another. We need to work well on our things, as we have been doing for an abundant month now. I think we have to play it, because we deserved to be here ”.
Guido Rosselli (player) – “We arrive at this race 4 after having had a good match in race 3. We know that we have not done anything and the value of Udine is high. Up to now we have been good at directing the games towards our rhythms; they have experience and pride, I know many players from Udine and I know how they are temperamentally, I’m sure they will sell their lives dearly. We have the opportunity to play it in front of our fans, in game 3 our fans gave us a great help. The glance was fantastic, we are waiting for our fans even more energized ”.
Note – AGSM Forum already sold out for race 4. All tickets were sold out in a few hours after the victory in race 3 on Friday evening.
Average – The race will be broadcast live on Mediasport channels (MS Sport, channel 402 DTT, and MS Channel, via satellite channel 814 Sky and channel 54 Tivusat) and on LNP Pass. Deferred, Monday, on Telenuovo at 18:00 and 21:00.

Matteo Boniciolli (coach) –
“I have a lot of confidence in the group, which also on Friday honored the match against Verona, to which I extend my compliments. We still have a chance. It is clear that we would have preferred to be in another situation, but it is equally clear that we are not dead. If we finished first at the end of the regular season and won the Italian Cup, it means that we are a team with important values. We have 48 hours to recover our energies, this is now the main problem ”.
Federico Mussini (player) – “We simply have to reset and analyze the mistakes made. The series is not over, so we must remain positive and face Game 4 in peace, with the confidence that has distinguished us throughout the season. We must try to find more fluidity in attack, Verona is putting us in difficulty with its excellent defense and, above all, we must equalize their intensity. I will give 101 percent as I have always given since I arrived in Udine, as will my teammates. We have everything to be able to reach race 5 “.
Note – Coach Matteo Boniciolli will have the entire roster available.
Average – Live TV on MS Sport (digital terrestrial channel 402, free to air), MS Channel (satellite, channel 814 Sky platform and channel 54 Tivusat platform) and streaming on LNP Pass. Updates are provided in real time on the Facebook page ( and on the official Instagram (@ apu.udine) and Twitter (@apudine) profiles of the Apu Old Wild West Udine.

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