Finale Serie A2, l’angolo tecnico di coach Paolo Lepore: la presentazione della Givova Scafati

To bring you even more into the tactical themes of the two Serie A2 Playoff Finals, the Technical Corner is back, curated by Paolo Lepore.
Shoulder of Matteo Gandini in the “Game of the Week” selected for LNP PASS and for live coverage on Mediasport Group platforms, coach Lepore illustrates in his column the tactical peculiarities of the teams and players-reference of the finalists.

Here is the presentation of the Old Wild West Udine, finalist of the Gold Board against Tezenis Verona.

FOCUS: The team that so far has dominated both at Team level and individually (Boniciolli Best Coach and Cappelletti MVP of the championship). ). Best defense with 66.6 points conceded average. She arrives at this final as a super favorite for the category jump after having already reached it last year.

SEMIFINALS: 3-0 Against Human Chiusi
Despite the 3-0 with which he ended the series with Chiusi, 2 out of 3 games were really hard fought and the Umana team came very close to forcing the series to the fourth game. Demonstration of the balance that reigns in this championship and of how great solidity is needed to overcome every obstacle on the road to promotion (even in the quarterfinals with San Severo, which ended 3-1, Udine had to sweat to bring the series home).

Once again, defense was the extra weapon. 64.6 points conceded in the 3 games played (further lowering the excellent average points conceded in the regular season). A constant pressure on the ball carriers and a physicality that only such a deep team can unleash for all 40 minutes of play.

12.9 pts in 27.3 min. with 34% of 3 pts (almost 5 shots per game), 5.3 assists, 4.7 rebounds

It could only have been him, the MVP OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP, the player who has the rhythms of the team in hand, who knows when to involve his teammates and when to take responsibility in the moments that matter.


Very organized and prepared team, with many options. Having two players like Walters and Pellegrino the idea is to involve them immediately by giving the ball inside, using a cross screen situation in the area to give a deep reception. (Diagr. 3), or using the high post as a ledge in case the defender is in front (Diagr. 4) where it becomes really difficult to stem their physical overwhelming power. Also because putting the ball in the area forces the defense to “collapse” and open spaces for the many perimeter shooters.

Obviously, the most used collaboration in today’s basketball could not be missing. Having then the great interpreters of this collaboration such as Giuri, Cappelletti and Mussini able to read the advantage granted by the defense, to build a shot from the dribble (one of the most unstoppable shots – Diagr. 1) or to find the deep “roll” of the long (Diagr. 2) who is very good (Walters / Pellegrino) at giving depth to his block and turn movement within the area. On the overturning to the side, pay attention to Antonutti’s pick and pop that blocks and opens to shoot from 3 pts or he can go to the low post to play the mismatch on the gearbox (diagr. 3-4)

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