Finale Serie A2, l’angolo tecnico di coach Paolo Lepore: la presentazione della Givova Scafati

To bring you even more into the tactical themes of the two Serie A2 Playoff Finals, the Technical Corner is back, curated by Paolo Lepore.
Shoulder of Matteo Gandini in the “Game of the Week” selected for LNP PASS and for live coverage on Mediasport Group platforms, coach Lepore illustrates in his column the tactical peculiarities of the teams and players-reference of the finalists.

Here is the presentation of Tezenis Verona, finalist of the Gold Board against Old Wild West Udine.

FOCUS: Run-up game due to the penalty, it had a great growth throughout the regular season, reaching the second place in the standings with only one less victory than Scafati (24 won and 6 lost). He extended the rotations during construction (also considering the injury suffered by Penna, outside the whole season), adding Casarin and Spanghero who have certainly increased the quality of the roster available to coach Ramagli. First final of its history in Serie A2

SEMIFINAL: 3-2 with Pistoia
Already in the quarter-finals he had sweated the proverbial 7 shirts to beat Mantua in game 5. The semifinal was another battle in which the field factor legitimized the outcome of the regular season respecting the prediction that he saw a hard-fought series but that at the in the end Verona was the winner given the greater depth of the roster compared to the Tuscan team. In fact, this is what we saw in Game 5, with Pistoia playing very strong but then collapsing under the blows of Anderson and the greater energy expressed by the whole Veronese team, which was able to find several protagonists throughout the entire race alongside the super performance of his American winger (27 points with 5/11 of 3 points)

The ability to find different protagonists in the victories of the series, in particular, in race 1 always led by Pistoia, to pull her out of a defeat that could have been decisive for the fate of the series was Francesco Candussi, author of 17 points with 4/6 by 3 points and his pick and pop out of the 3 points that literally turned the game. In race two a Sasha Grant with 18 points (after a race 1 without jolts and only 10 minutes on the field), flanked by a 15-point Candussi with 2/4 of 3 points, also the absolute protagonist of a segment of the dominated game 5.

Karvel Anderson did not shine in constant performance as usual (3 points in game 1, 8 points but with 0/10 points from points in game 4), but he was decisive in the game that decided the series with 27 points (5 / 11 of 3 points) and the leadership required to lead Verona into a final he had been waiting for for years.

The key situations of the Verona attack are very well defined in two fundamental themes:

GO OUT OF THE BLOCKS FOR KARVEL ANDERSON: Blocks in sequence (stagger) or double exits starting from the corners are the two situations most exploited by the American outside to build a 3 pts shot.

The most intriguing and difficult thing to defend in ball block situations for Verona, besides the ability to take a shot from the Anderson-Caroti-Spanghero block, is the extreme versatility and diversity of the long pack, as Candussi can open the field to shoot from 3 points but also cut inside the area, Johnson can play for deep position but also for a shot opening from medium distance and Pini is very good at sprinting after the block and making it difficult to recover the long after the Help.

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