Finale Serie A2, l’angolo tecnico di coach Paolo Lepore: la presentazione della Givova Scafati

To bring you even more into the tactical themes of the two Serie A2 Playoff Finals, the Technical Corner is back, curated by Paolo Lepore.
Shoulder of Matteo Gandini in the “Game of the Week” selected for LNP PASS and for live coverage on Mediasport Group platforms, coach Lepore illustrates in his column the tactical peculiarities of the teams and players-reference of the finalists.

Here is the presentation of Givova Scafati, finalist of the Silver Scoreboard against San Bernardo Cantù water.

FOCUS: 25-5 his record in the regular season, only Udine with 26 victories did better, reflecting the strength and solidity of Scafati, throughout the championship. In the Italian Cup defeat in the semifinals by Cantù (an important detail to consider in this final). There are many congruences with Cantù’s way of playing, being first (Cantù) for points scored 83.7 on average, and second Scafati with 82.6 in both groups. Another fundamental characteristic of Scafati’s attack is the 3-point shot, in fact it is the team that makes the most attempts from 3 of all with 29.3 attempts per game.

SEMIFINAL: 3-2 with Piacenza
One of the series that was considered with a fairly clear advantage for the Campania team and which on balance turned out to be a no holds barred confrontation between the two teams, with Piacenza going really close to winning game 2 in Scafati and then winning the race 3 and 4 at home, with an epic game 4 won after 2 overtime by Piacenza itself with continuous alternation in the score.

It is essential for Scafati to raise the pace and therefore increase the number of possessions, so as to be able to make the most of all the options it presents in the outdoor park. Let’s remember that he has included an important player like Cournooh for the playoffs, further extending his rotations. The thing that emerges most is the number of 3-point shots attempted compared to 2-point shots, which in the first 4 games played so far has always been in favor of shots from beyond the arc! For this reason the 3-point percentages and the balance between 2/3 point shots become decisive. Precisely this balance was the key to the clear victory in game 5 of Scafati, who, from the beginning, tried to serve the ball inside the area and attack the defensive recoveries not only with the 3-point shot but by attacking the ‘area to finish on the iron (the only match in the series in which Scafati has shot more from 2 points than from 3 points)

Riccardo Rossato is undoubtedly the player who, coming off the bench, gave the greatest contribution to overcome Piacenza in the semifinals (best scorer of the team in 3 out of 4 games with 16.3 points per game and 10/23 from 3 points 43.4%).

The first idea that Scafati has is to raise the pace to take quick 3-point shots on the break, so developing his game in transition is absolutely crucial to imposing his game.

Offensive transition: putting the ball close to the basket coming from the counterattack, in order to force the defense to break away to help and find perimeter discharges. Or with Daniel coming in from the second trailer, play to flip the side and pick and roll to build an outside shot.

Pick and Roll Situations: The idea in exploiting blocks on the ball is to create wide shots directly from the block. It is clear that it becomes essential, to make the attack effective, to find a way to involve the long player inside the area so as not to have to depend totally on the 3-point shot.

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