Serie A nelle Coppe Europee, un punto tra rumor e situazioni chiare

The Serie A season is in its final act, and therefore it is natural to ask ourselves about 2022/23, and also about the participation of Italian teams in the next European Cups. In a situation with few fixed points and everything in progress, here is a summary in order of ranking (necessary condition to be able to exercise the right to choose)

Virtus Segafredo Bologna
He will play in the Euroleague, a place he won with the Eurocup victory. In the current state of the ECA rules, she will be certain of her place in the 2023/24 Euroleague in case of reaching the European Playoffs next season.

AX Armani Exchange Milan
He will play in the Euroleague: it will be the seventh season of the ten-year license “inaugurated” in 2016.

Bertram Tortona
He has formalized the renouncement of the European Cups for 2022/23, with the aim of playing them in 2023/24 in the new city sports hall. She was indicated as a candidate for Eurocup, having also met the Euroleague leaders.

Banco di Sardegna Sassari
Official confirmation is missing, but everything is routed so that the next one is Dinamo’s sixth year (out of seven of the competition’s existence) in the Basketball Champions League.

Germani Brescia
After a year of absence from the cups – following three consecutive appearances in Eurocup – the 3rd place in the Regular Season, only watered down by the elimination in the Playoffs with Sassari, guarantees an important choice. Everything suggests that Brescia will be the fourth season in Eurocup, even if local news has often read about a possible doubt about opting for the Basketball Champions League. What is certain is that if the Lombards want to, they will be back in Europe.

Umana Reyer Venice
Ping-pong between BCL (Reyer played the Final Four in the first edition of the tournament) and Eurocup has been “resolved” in favor of the second in summer 2019, and the fourth consecutive year in the ECA competition is indicated as an acquired thing.

Unahotels Reggio Emilia
Outgoing finalist of FIBA ​​Europe Cup – a result that does not guarantee a place in any European cup – in recent days the decision of the red and white club was reported on the local media: it will be Basketball Champions League, for the first time in the history of the Emilian club.

Carpegna Pesaro Ham
The news of the day is the definitive farewell to Luca Banchi, the dominant “theme” in recent weeks in the Marche region. A return to the Europe missing from 2009-2010 (Eurochallenge semifinal) is very unlikely, however Vuelle would have the “right” of choice thanks to its eighth place

Trieste basketball
Another team absent from the cups for some time (2003, ULEB Cup) which in all probability will extend this absence also in the next season, especially in light of the change in corporate structure

Nutribullet Treviso
Here the renunciation of Europe came officially, through the mouth of the company, after wildcard hypotheses had circulated. This season the Venetians were the only Italian to pass the first phase of the Basketball Champions League

Happy Casa Brindisi
The renunciations of others and the activism at the corporate level – for example with the presence of GM Marino at the Final Four of BCL in Bilbao – indicate that the desire for Europe is strong in Puglia, also because it is an important key for the market. In a context where the number of European places is “confirmed” compared to 2021/22, Vitucci’s team could win a place in the Champions League especially in light of Brescia’s choice for the Eurocup (giving Sassari and Reggio as the first two for the FIBA ​​cup)

Openjobmetis Varese
The red and white team is also chasing a return to Europe, and from the local news the preference seems to be towards a FIBA ​​cup (Basketball Champions League or FIBA ​​Europe Cup). The 12th place in the standings however means that we have to wait for other people’s decisions.

Dolomites Energy Trentino
Even with 13th place – the worst result of the Bianconeri in Serie A – a return to Europe, Eurocup side, is not impossible in light of the general context. But, even here, we will have to wait for the decisions of others.

GeVi Naples
Everything is silent, but it would be really surprising to see the Neapolitans in Europe.

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