Season list women's marathon 2022, the Italians are behind

They grow at supersonic speed i record made to mark by women, for example with the Ethiopian Letesenbet Gidey which has in its feet the record of 5000m, 10000m, 15 km on the road and half marathon, a distance over which it tore a stratospheric 1h02’52 “in 2021.

The marathon record on the other hand, the Kenyan is “stopped” in 2019 when in Chicago Brigid Kosgei stopped the time trial of the Chicago Marathon at 2h14’04 “, pulverizing the previous 2h15’25” of the British Paula Radcliffe which since 2003, however, maintains the European record over the queen distance.

THE RANKING – The resumption of competitions around the world has seen the big names parade on the most famous catwalks, marathons like Tokyo, Nagoya and Boston have witnessed challenges to the last drop of sweat. In mid-2022, the list of seasonal records sees Brigid Kosgei return to the top two years after the world record with a superlative 2h16’02 ”which earned her the victory of the Tokyo marathon in March. Behind her the world champion of Doha 2019, the Kenyan Ruth Chepngetich who won the most coveted prize pool of 2022 with a time of 2h17’18 ”which awarded her the victory of the Nagoya only women marathon. Third place for Ethiopia with Yalemzerf Yehualaw that comes first in the Hamburg marathon with 2h17’23 “.

In the top 100 positions she is the master Ethiopia with 43 marathon runners, about half, followed by Kenya with 20 athletes and the always performing Japan with 17 marathon runners. There are 3 Americans, 2 Moroccans, Romanians and Germans, an athlete instead for Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Eritrea, Israel, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, United Kingdom, Uganda.

THE GREAT ABSENT – There is no trace of Italy up to position 286 in which we find Anna Uncertain (GS Fiamme Azzurre) with 2h36’23 ”the third place overall, and first Italian, at the recent Padua Marathon last April is valid. A time trial that goes hand in hand with the announced retirement from professional career, being far from her personal best of 2h25’32 “in Berlin 2011. In 328th position the non-professional Elisabetta Iavarone (Lieto Colle ASD), to the personal best with 2h38’44 “scored at the Rotterdam marathon in April and in 443th position the former Italian champion 100 km on the road Denise Tappatà (SEF Printing Ancona ASD) with 2h45’45 ”.

The situation was different in 2021 when the Olympic Giovanna Epis (CS Carabinieri Sez Atletica) was positioned in 76th place with 2h25’20 ”, her personal best set in December at the Valencia marathon. First three positions completed by the naturalized Italian Ukrainian Sofiia Yaremchuk (CS Army), in 185th position, which in the debut on the queen distance had won the Venice marathon with 2h29’12 “and the evergreen Italian marathon record holder Valeria Straneo (Azalai ASD), in 242nd position with 2h30’33 ”, time trial obtained in April 2021 in Ampugnano in search of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualification, unfortunately failed for just one minute.

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