Scooters in Rome defined as "death trap" by CNN

The problem scooters for some time now it has been at the center of numerous debates, criticisms and complaints. Despite trying to find a solution, the situation remains unchanged at the moment. For some years, Rome has been in total disorder and chaos due to how these means of sharing are used, badly managed and thrown away without a minimum of scruple. Now, however, criticism is also coming from the Cnnan American TV broadcaster which, after taking complaints from some citizens, expressed itself defining them as a “death trap“.

In fact, in addition to the accidents, which see 4 people killed since the scooters were introduced in the capital, “according to the health authorities, the city’s emergency rooms treat at least one serious injury related to the scooter every three days “in the face of the fact that” only 2% (about 270) of the shateboards with rented handlebars are used daily“. But let’s get to the point. Scooters seem to be dangerous not only in motion, but also when they are, perhaps, badly parked, left without a minimum of responsibility on the street. This can be the cause of many problems for, for example, for the disabled.

Discomfort and new rules

Giuliano Frittelliresponsible forItalian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, is one of those figures who encounters difficulties. As CNN reports “moves with his walking stick around half a dozen scooters that litter the sidewalk near his office in the city center“.
One of the most important problems is the famous wild parking lot. A scooter, if left in disorder and thrown in the middle of the road, risks causing damage to those who, for example, cannot see. It is a very dangerous obstacle. However, it must be said that something is moving in this direction and is aimed, above all, at the parking issue. In fact, the Municipality of Rome has outlined some rules in this regard, some of these a metal plate and a roof at the speed that can reach 20 km / h with automatic switch to 6 km in pedestrian areas. In addition, it will be mandatory to take a photograph when the scooter will be left in a special stall: there will be areas dedicated to the parking of vehicles sharing, so as not to create chaos. In addition, it will be possible rent it only if you are of age, with a rate of 12 euros per hour. Hopefully, once these new rules come into effect, some of the issues can be resolved.

Bird, scooters: in Rome they can only be parked in dedicated areas

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