Sconcerti a CM: 'L'Italia non può fare a meno di Tonali e Scamacca. Gnonto? Mancini rivede se stesso. Serie A, sarà il mercato dei grandi vecchi'

Bewildered, what Italy have you seen?
«I have seen a team that cannot do without Tonali, even if he did not play very well, but he is modern and extraordinary in defending and attacking. And I believe that he will not be able to do without Scamacca. He is an arrhythmic player, I don’t think he will ever be complete, but if nothing else he shoots on goal, he did it more than Immobile and Belotti put together. A good basic idea of ​​Mancini was to put Pellegrini in place of Insigne. The Giallorossi is the only one who can replace him ».

Other considerations on individuals?
«I didn’t like Frattesi, who seems inclined to follow his confused phase, unlike what he does in Sassuolo, where he is organized in a very well organized team. I didn’t like Pessina, but he has excuses: this season he has had an avalanche of injuries. But I think Pessina is a very interesting player, so it’s worth the wait. Florenzi brought something more, I liked it. Absolutely I think Dimarco is better than Biraghi. And then there is Zaniolo, who is still a great resource ».

Now it appears that the new phenomenon is Gnonto. For heaven’s sake, it’s interesting and will grow; But don’t you think we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel?
“Ultimately, however, it is right to do so, given the situation. However Gnonto is 18 years old and already has more than thirty matches with the Under national teams. He is the best of those who are nineteen and under. He has done all the youth national teams, and always playing with the older ones. He was in Inter’s Primavera, despite being the youngest. In short, Mancini’s is not an extraordinary invention: he took a boy who was fiscally and mentally ready and made him play. As for the rest it had already happened ».

He summoned Zaniolo who had not yet set foot in Serie A.
«Mancini sees himself in these players. He does not fall in love with them, but he is in love with the idea of ​​himself as young and talented, it is no coincidence that he made Gnonto debut in Bologna, the city where Mancio took his first steps in Serie A ».

How does Italy compare with other national teams?
«Back for sure, it is no coincidence that we are out of the World Cup. I believe that in a championship of 20 teams today Italy is between 7th and 8th place. It will be interesting to see how we play against Hungary, because they play Italian style ».

Let’s move on to the coaches market: do you think Mourinho could really be tempted by PSG?
“It seems strange to me that he could leave Rome. Certainly, Mourinho would be the ideal PSG coach. What he did the most in Paris was Tuchel and he and Mou are very similar. Mou brings with him the religion of details. He is the best when it comes to disciplining a team accustomed to winning, but he has to win big, that is, he has to establish himself in the Champions League. But I repeat: I believe that Mourinho will stay with Roma ».

You do not think that Juve on the market are going in all directions except the one they need, that is, a man of order in midfield.
«Juve will make a good transfer, I am convinced of that. But something does not come back to me. I also have doubts about Simeone, someone who must always play otherwise you lose him. It is often underestimated that it is the club itself that says it has great economic difficulties, even if the fans don’t want to hear it. For example, Maxime Lopez would be a Juve player, as would Torreira himself, players who occupy a role that Juve does not have, not even taking Pogba ».

And in general what market awaits us?
«Serie A can no longer take the great players, so it takes the great old men. The first two purchases were two 33-year-olds, Mkhitaryan and Matic, both at no cost. If nothing else, it will be a fun market because many will move ».

Finally, I ask you for your memory of Gianni Clerici, who passed away today at the age of 91.
«I believe that in his field Clerici was at the level of Gianni Brera, with a completely different writing, so beautiful and linear that it became personal. Brera invented words, Clerici had them all inside and used them like nobody else. And he had a quality that today has been lost in the new generations: total competence ».

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