Scafati, the Givova company welcomes the Cup and presents the celebratory shirt

This morning, with live video streaming on the official Facebook page of the club, an interesting press conference was held in the conference room of the main sponsor Givova, in which all the team and the yellow-blue technical, health and administrative staff took part, together with the management. led by patron Nello Longobardi, who together with the mayor of Scafati Cristoforo Salvati welcomed the invitation made by the main sponsor and in particular by the owner Giovanni Acanfora and by the administrator Pina Lodovico, who did the honors of the house.

Numerous interventions and the emotional exchange of hugs between Giovanni Acanfora, Nello Longobardi and Cristoforo Salvati, who, each within their own competence, declared maximum commitment and dedication, so that the goal of Serie A has just been reached
can be stored as long as possible. In addition to the symbolic delivery of the cup by the company to the main sponsor, the latter has
then honored all the club members with a celebratory jersey, created just for the occasion.

Statement by the owner of the main sponsor Giovanni Acanfora: «I thank the athletes, the coach, the Gialloblù management and whoever contributed to this extraordinary result. We have a cup here, which I want to call the “Champions Cup”, because whoever won it proved to be the champion of a lifestyle, of sporting and financial sacrifices. A lot is being talked about at a national level about our result, which we must preserve over time in Scafati, committing ourselves with dedication and perseverance. We have achieved an important sporting result, but also political, social and redeeming our land. Let’s enjoy this success with the aim of maintaining Serie A and rewarding the work and sacrifices made to win it ».

Statement by general manager Gino Guastaferro: «In the last press conference, apart from the records achieved, we said that we were missing that title, which we can now celebrate with merit. We worked with enthusiasm and a sense of belonging, which was transmitted to us by the management and the main sponsor. We have overcome the various difficulties, teaming up on and off the pitch. Now let’s enjoy this moment, but let’s start planning the future, which starts with overcoming some structural and financial obstacles ».

Statement by head coach Alessandro Rossi: «It was easier than expected to reach this goal, because we have an extraordinary group of athletes and a club that has always supported us and pushed us to go beyond our limits. A set of components has led us to obtain this result, the result of an important team work. We have rewarded both the top management and the sponsors for the efforts and sacrifices of many years. We were then overwhelmed by a yellow-blue wave, which will remain indelible in our hearts ».

Statement by captain Riccardo Rossato: «Unlike previous seasons, this year a very united dressing room was created, made up of people who had set their own specific personal goals. It was fortunate to find men who, moved by these forts
motivations, they worked and held out until the end, to reach the most important goal ».

Statement by Mayor Cristoforo Salvati: «We experienced an unforgettable emotion. I got very passionate about basketball. I am honored to participate in moments like this, in which sport symbolizes the revitalization of a community, which must move away from deviations and develop on the healthy principles of sport. Salerno and its province have two realities in Serie A: Salerno in football, Scafati in basketball. Now we will get to work for PalaMangano, because we must reward the work of the team and the company, which must see the future with optimism, confident that the administration will undertake to give answers to the company and the city, which it finds, through sport. , dignity and sense of belonging “.

Statement by the vice president Luigi Di Lallo: «Thanks to everyone for the result achieved, the result of teamwork, in which everyone has given their precious contribution. It was not easy in a small reality like that of scafatese, but we did it and I am proud to have been able to contribute to the result too, as far as I am concerned. Now, however, I ask the institutions, local entrepreneurs and citizens to stay close to us, because now we have to work and run twice as much as before ».

Statement by the administrator Pina Lodovico: «I feel very involved with Scafatese sport, being a citizen of Scafati. Although I am not an expert in basketball, I have become very passionate, thanks to the passion and enthusiasm put on by the team in every training and match. Determination, team spirit and the desire to overcome any difficulty, even of a physical nature, was the key to success. Now, however, we must remain in Serie A with our heads held high, because we must not frustrate the efforts made. We like Givova are there and will always be there. But now let’s enjoy this moment and this historic milestone, then we will look to the future ».

Statement by the owner Nello Longobardi: «I thank the Givova company and friends Giovanni Acanfora and Pina Lodovico, who have always been close to us through a thousand difficulties. Same goes for the president Alessandro Rossano. I thank the team and staff, because they have achieved an extraordinary result. We have built a great group and have confirmed that we have a first-rate staff. Serie A in the center-south will be represented by us, Naples, Brindisi and Sassari: this means that we have done something out of the ordinary and that will allow us to bring Armani and Segafredo to Scafati: so I hope to have an entire district with us. Now we need everyone to take a step forward, something more in the name of the common sense of belonging to the city of Scafati and to the yellow and blue colors. With sport we can clean up the image of the city of Scafati, so that it becomes the sports center of the agro nocerino sarnese. We rely on our mayor Salvati, we are in his hands as regards the structural obligations “

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