Italia-Germania le pagelle di CM: Frattesi a tutto campo, Scamacca si veste 'da Dzeko'. Esordio da sogno per Gnonto

“Let him grow up in peace”, the keyboard mouflons comment in his defense. “For a well done cross he has already become Messi …”, the skeptics enter, still too cautious. Willy Gnonto after his debut in Azzurro he is already on everyone’s lipsput your heart in peace.

Primarily it has a magical namewhich reminds us a little of the gnomes a little The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Then also why his appearance makes him extremely likeable while he runs, have you paid attention to it? Incredibly low center of gravity, fast, technical, humble but determined and above all very young. Willy Gnonto is a 2003, he is eighteen and he is really strong. Could Sassuolo stand still and watch? Of course not. According to Courier of sport the Emilian club appears in the list of interested clubs, together with Fiorentina and (let’s get ready to hear it often) Monza. Let’s say that Sassuolo is rightfully interested in it.

There is a club in Italy that does not make rhetoric with young people, it scores points. And this club is Sassuolo. There is therefore an Italian reality capable of systematically betting on young people, but not with proclamations, not investing at random and then complaining later about “young people who are not ready”. This is why even without the tip of a mainstream newspaper, one could count on the presence of Sassuolo with respect to the Gnonto case. It will go as it goes, maybe he won’t even wear the black-green jersey, but Sassuolo is there, that’s where he probes talents and tries.

It shouldn’t arrive, it would be a real shame, let me tell you, for him and for the club that better than any other would know how to value him. Its qualities are evident. If you don’t believe the few minutes against Germany the other night (which is enough for an expert eye), hear the words of his teammate at Zurich, Blerim Dzemailiformer midfielder of Naples and Bologna: “Gnonto has grown in a crazy way, indeed made us win a few games alone. Impressive”. And again, always on the rosy of this morning: “he has a crazy strength, you never take the ball off him because he physically always stands up to comparison”. Or listen here: “Fast, he has tactical sense, excellent dribbling, he is mobile …” But then there is a point in Dzemaili’s interview that reiterates the usual problem and angers: “Since I have excellent relations with Italy, I immediately reported him to some clubs: but they didn’t listen to me.” Blerim, for the next time a piece of advice: speak directly to Sassuolo, to those who really know about young people.

We now come to the tactical framework: Willy Gnonto can make the attacking winger (right and left), the first and the second striker. In a game system like that of Mancini (the 4-3-3), perhaps we cannot even appreciate him at best, given that he is spoken of above all as a second striker. Indeed, for his teammate Dzemaili “center forward is not his role”. With these characteristics it is easy to understand that either he or Raspadori in Dionisi’s 4-2-3-1. Should the black-green talent leave for a big one, Gnonto would be perfect to replace it.

But why be so clear? Perhaps Raspadori himself needs to play for his job with someone, here in Sassuolo.

And then Gnonto could also be used as deputy Berardi (or alas a real substitute by Berardi …), or it could take over from Traoresometimes also in Scamacca (if he stays), either he or Raspadori in turn (since Defrel could also come out…). In short, Gnonto al Sassuolo is a hypothesis to be seriously considered, it is certainly not without a tactical foundation.

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