Sassuolomania: dire che Scamacca ‘costa troppo’ è un’idiozia. Significa non voler vedere…

Agustin Alvarez del Peñarol, as you know, many wanted him, and in the end Sassuolo bought him for a figure that is around 12 million. It could be another great deal, but unfailingly I already hear those who are surprised by the price difference (the disproportion …) between our Scamacca and this Uruguayan talented man to be verified. As if Sassuolo were to give away his 16-goal striker in Serie A for the same amount of money or a little more, just because he scored some goals for some of our big names (Juve, Milan, Inter, Napoli…). Well, at the moment, it’s a meaningless comparison, a beautiful and good idiocy. How you do not realize it remains a mystery.

Scamacca is now the national center forward, and it will be more and more, in the face of the 27 goals of the top scorer Immobile. Because in Europe they are looking for this prototype of center forward, one who can withstand the impact of Rudiger or Maguire, and they give highly of the 27 goals of Immobile, if in the national team the Lazio player does not stand up at the first serious contact or misses all the sides that Mancini asks him to make. Was I clear enough?

Scamacca also still has a monstrous growth margin. Its residual limits can be identified point by point, but delivered to a top coach in a top team, I am sure that Scamacca will impose itself even more, it is not even too difficult to predict, considering the trend of recent years.

But let me understand: in your opinion the competence, the foresight and the work of Sassuolo who bought the boy for 500 thousand euros when he was still nobody at PSV (U19, there you could say “he hasn’t shown anything yet …”), he made him play in the Primavera and then shot him on loan in the right squares in B and A to make him grow, finally bringing him back to Sassuolo di Dionisi where he doubled the number of goals in Serie A (from 8 to 16), in short, all this amount of intelligence shown by the Emilian club, I ask you, shouldn’t it be recognized? You would like to buy Scamacca regardless of the process who made him what he is today concretely and potentially at the age of 23? And all this even before considering that the price does the market anyway? So what are you raving about when you try to mock the prices of the most talked about neroverdi, Scamacca in the first place?

Maybe for the mere fact that he does not yet play in a big league, when these same big names are often scrambled by Sassuolo in the league? What’s wrong with you? It is difficult to understand that if you take a young player who is not yet anyone in Europe, you spend relatively little (see the latter Alvarez), but if you then work on it and it becomes strong and everyone wants it, then the price goes up accordingly and maybe even dizzyingly? Don’t you too do the speeches that Allegri makes about young people (maybe just to buy them for less or not to let them play …).

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