Sarri e la Lazio che verrà: dalle cessioni al sogno Mertens, le strategie biancocelesti

“Now make a team a Sarri“. This is the unanimous chorus that rose in the biancoceleste environment after the news of the renewal with the Lazio. With the official announcement, the happiness of the fans was linked to the expectation of seeing the technical guarantees that the coach asked for before joining the eagles until 2025. Apparently the ideas of the club and the manager coincide. Now is the time to put them into practicebecause the fans are eager to see which new faces will bring the project to fruition sarrista.

PRIORITY – Net of the liquidity index problems, which will have to be resolved as soon as possible through the sale of some redundancies, Sarri would like to have a good part of the squad available for Auronzo’s retirement. This places priorities on management. Especially with regards to defense. With the farewells of Straksoha and Luiz Felipe, a goalkeeper and a defender (or rather two) are essential. Carnsecchi is the chosen one among the goalposts. We work on Casale, Chust and Romagnoli, who, in the plans, will take the place of Acerbi. The 33 is in fact on the run with the fans and has the suitcases ready. Its sale however is conditio sine qua non to get to the Anzio power station. The technician then asked for a reinforcement also on the outer lanes, in particular on the left-handed one. Parisi and Palmieri favorites, but at the moment there has been no progress in starting negotiations. Lazzari and Marusic will be confirmed, with Patric and Radu usable as reinforcements both in the center and on the sides. On the contrary, they will be made of ratings on Kamenovic and also on Hysajafter the disappointing second part of the season. The problem of Leiva’s replacement has already been solved: instead of the Brazilian, who went away at 0, he will come from Shakhtar Marcos Antonio.

MISCELLANEOUS AND POSSIBLE – If the defense is in the first place in the thoughts of the company, midfield, attack and, above all, transfers, they will certainly not end up in the background. Indeed, it is on any important farewells that the various, possible, further operations will depend on inbound. Lotito at the Olimpico during the last match against Hellas he made the fans understand that he did not want to sell Milinkovic. But the court of the big Europeans is tight and in the face of an indispensable offer, the patron will not get in the way. It depended on Sarri, however, the Serbian would remain as the cornerstone of the team. On the other hand, it would be less painful to say goodbye to Luis Alberto, with whom love has never blossomed, while appreciating its technical qualities. However, it is difficult to say today with which big name one of these two big names could be replaced. Yesterday Tare has denied the interest in Loftus-Cheek. Today the rumor of a possible exchange with Napoli for Zielinski, with the Spanish 10 that would end up in the shadow of Vesuvius. But for now there is nothing concrete. On the other hand, there are greater certainties on the permanence of Cataldi and Basic as second lines. Akpa Akpro should be evaluated instead and, for the offensive department, Raul Moro. The young Spanish talent has not been able to fully convince him this year and it is likely that he is looking for a destination in esate where he can send him to play with greater continuity. Zaccagni, Pedro, Felipe Anderson, Immobile and the baby Romero will instead be confirmed en bloc. There remains only the question of the reserve center forward to be resolved. The dream is Mertens and it doesn’t even seem that impossible. But we have to wait for the player to clarify the situation with De Laurentiis. The construction site is therefore open. The first stone, with the renewal of the technician, was laid. Now we need to build the rest of the Lazio scaffolding to come.

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