Sanz and the passion for padel: "It all started in a swimming pool"

ROME Jon Sanz Zalbaborn in Pamplona on September 25, 2000, occupies the position No. 25 in the WPT ranking. He plays in tandem with the veteran and expert Argentine Miguel Lamperti, from whom he will try to learn all the secrets to climb the rankings faster. Jon has 203 WPT games to his credit, with a 61% win rate (124).

When did you start playing padel?
At 10, using a wall of the pool of the club where I was a member“.

What do you love about padel?
That you have to team up to win!“.

When did you turn pro?
At 16, but I think I felt like a true professional from 20 onwards“.

The unforgettable match?
I would say two. The final of the Spanish junior championship in 2018 and the eighth of the WPT in Mexico last year which allowed me to enter the quarter-finals for the first time“.

What did you like about your previous companions?
I was very impressed with their way of reading the game and how they use all their strokes to win“.

If you had to train a male and female couple, who would you choose?
I’d aim for promising young couples to take them all the way to the main draw“.

Your biggest regret?
Leaving friends and family to come and live in Madrid, I often miss certain moments“.

Are you satisfied with 2021?
You can always do better and I believe that everything comes in its time. I always do my best and if I don’t reach certain goals you can see that it had to go like this“.

Expectations for 2022?
Keep learning to achieve your goals. Of course, it would be nice to get to the Final Master“.

Pros and cons?
I feel like a fast and eclectic player, but sometimes this dynamism leads me to make mistakes“.

Favorite shot and where to improve?
The forehand volley, while I have to improve everywhere, and also on concentration“.

Can you tell us about your racket?
I will continue to play with the Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma. I am very satisfied, as it has everything I need in my game, from control to great power“.

How do you spent your free time?
I love cinema and it relaxes me a lot to snack outside with friends“.

What do you think about Italy?
The speed of growth that the padel is having in your country is incredible, it can be said that you are establishing yourself as one of the main markets in the world. It is also nice to come to Italy every time, there is great enthusiasm on your part and this gratifies us players a lot“.

Your secret dream?
To be able to play for as long as possible, since I’m already lucky to do a job I enjoy. Obviously the goal is to get to the top of the standings, but only time will tell“.

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