Sampmania: la cosa più sampdoriana che sentirete oggi

Marco Giampaolo remains at Sampdoria. This, in my opinion, is the theme of the week, with all due respect to the serial haters of the web, those who ‘eh ma il Maestro’, those who ‘mister Esonero’, those who in January already proclaimed Sampdoria in Serie B with mathematical certainty because ‘Where do you want to go with Giampaolo’. Even now there are those who boast false historians, for example the great classic ‘With D’Aversa you did better’, without thinking that the points average says the exact opposite (0.9 per game for the former Parma, 1 for the coach from Bellinzona, 20 in 22 days for the first, 16 to 16 for the second). Some even seem even sorry when the coach catches up satisfying results, perhaps they would prefer difficulties and misfortunes, just to spit out badass labels on the Sampdoria coach. Mysteries of the Dorian world.

Marco Giampaolo remains at Sampdoria. I remain convinced that accepting the Genoese bench in January, in almost dramatic circumstances, in such a chaotic and complex moment, and above all in full swing, without the possibility of impregnating the consciences of his players with concepts and ideas, was a gigantic act of love. I had also written it, and I repeat it now. He had everything to lose, and nothing to gain. It was not easy, indeed, it was very difficult to say ‘yes’ to Sampdoria, for a professional in the position of Giampaolo, especially in that specific career condition. Luckily he did it, it comes to say now. He was the best man to play the derby of life with: who would you have wanted on the bench in a game so heavy it took your breath away? I’ll tell you: Giampaolo. One of the few who have honored them ALL the derbiesfrom the first to the last.

Marco Giampaolo remains at Sampdoria, and rumors attribute a phrase in perfect Giampaolo style to him. “I will play the team with the players you make available to me”. It seems trivial, in reality it probably is the most Sampdorian thing you will hear today. It means making yourself available to a community, to an idea, for a greater good. It is a concept that the coach had already explained, with his usual profound and never banal reading, already in the long interview with Primocanale. “The most important thing is the salvation of Sampdoria, the second is the reorganization and economic reorganization of Sampdoria. Everything else is subordinate, including myself. The contract means nothing compared to what Sampdoria is “. Speech then reiterated with an illustrative metaphor: “I am for clarity, I want to know. If now we can only drink water, we will drink only water, tomorrow maybe we can drink champagne, but at least we know it ”. Translated: Giampaolo has never questioned his permanence. He just begged for clarity.

Marco Giampaolo remains at Sampdoria, and we shouldn’t be surprised by that. There has never been a coach to convince with promises, or requests to fulfill. There is only one technician who, after six months of total chaos, asks for transparency and well-defined command lines. He does not legitimately want to have to deal with four different figures from a market perspective. He requires precise and streamlined command lines, not cumbersome delays, that is. He pretends to relate to a single, well-defined interlocutor, and stop, also to keep the team and players away from the turbulence that will inevitably hit. Do you feel like you blame him? Me, not at all.

Marco Giampaolo remains at Sampdoria, and beyond technical or subjective evaluations, shareable or not but still acceptable if supported by facts and data (the bullshit like “He sold Zapata, he preferred Alvarez to Fernandes, he doesn’t let young people play”, are nonsense that have become urban legends for someone’s interest) from point of view of the caliber of the character and his professionalism, there is only to breathe a sigh of relief. And then, personally, I am one who says: “The best certificate I have received is that I represent the ‘Sampdorian spirit'” I would always like to be at the helm. If I really have to drink only water, at least let me drink it fresh, sparkling and in a glass. Don’t give it to me out of gas, hot and in plastic.


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