Sampdoria, Arnuzzo: 'Giampaolo è il meglio che ci sia per i blucerchiati. Il doppio ds...'

Domenico for years Arnuzzo lives there Sampdoria from a privileged position. First Sampdoria player, then manager and now TV commentator. A career similar, in some ways, to that of Marco Lanna, who moved from the field to the most important desk at Corte Lambruschini. Few better than Arnuzzo can comment on the path of the current Dorian number one: “I am very fond of MarcoI was the head of the youth sector when he was in the Spring: when I communicated to his father the call for the retirement in the first team he was silent for 20 seconds, I was afraid he had felt illbut he was just paralyzed with joy, ”he told The XIX century. “Genoese, Sampdorians, Lanna and I went the same way, but becoming president, he exaggerated (laughs): now he is the right person to represent Sampdoria, necessary, if someone bought the club and deprived himself of him would be wrong. In short: let’s not touch Lanna. In football it is now difficult to talk about love, but it will be important that anyone who buys Sampdoria knows how to deserve the respect of the fans “.

The last season was one of intense suffering: “Very difficult, complicated, but all in all it ended well, with the salvation and the last in Marassi with Fiorentina that leaves a good image, a race that also shows how it was. the relationship with the fans is recovered after a period of coldness between the pandemic and the results. How to set the future? I don’t know, everyone has his own ideas but I know what I hope: that they will be defined as soon as possible the company organization chart and the relative roles, with precision. Outlining the club team comes before building the team to be sent on the pitch, it is even more important. We need people with unity of purpose, the same idea of ​​football and it seems to me that there is still something to be clarified “.

The reference, of course, is to the question of the double right: “I’m not going to mention names but having two sporting directors is like having two coaches or two presidents, there will always be those on one side, those on the other: society must be well organized to avoid divisions. Giampaolo is well disposed, he has a great desire to do, but it is logical that he will want to see clearly ”. Speaking of Giampaolo, is it good for Sampdoria? “He is the best for Sampdoria at the moment but he must be put in a position to work as he is used to, to be in tune with his ideas. I understand that he is not pretentious: he does not ask for champions, important names but he wants to work on players with good technical skills and prospects for improvement to fit into the team he has in mind “.

Remembering the past, Arnuzzo mentions two shots to which he was particularly attached: “Karembeu and Veron. Sometimes it suited you, some less. Maybe at the time it was a little easier, now you have to deal with squads full of foreigners, prosecutors, but the difficulty applies to everyone. If you have to lose a good one, the skill is to find one who can become good. It also applies to the Sampdoria of now. It will be essential to listen to the coach, working together to find solutions. You could start from the backbone, goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, attacker and retouch it. I’d hate to miss Audero, Colley, Ekdal, Caputo himself. But no one is irreplaceable, indispensable. The department to put more in order is the midfield, you need quality, an Ekdal who is well, a healed Damsgaard and I saw him well in the national team. The Dane on the one hand, Candreva on the other would not be bad. Sabiri will be very useful, we need to focus on young people like him who can grow at Sampdoriaexpress themselves at their best and it seems to me that it is also Giampaolo’s idea ”.

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