Salernitana, Bonazzoli: 'Nicola lo aveva detto all'inizio: ci salviamo nelle ultime due. Ribery e l'Arechi, che salvezza'

Federico Bonazzoli he told the microphones of ‘Chronicles of the locker room’ the ride for the salvation of Salerno with an exciting letter.

THE FIRST DAY – “Davide Nicola introduces himself, greets me with a ‘Hi Faith’, because we have already shared a battle in Turin, he stands in front of the door to look us all in the eye and, with a steady voice, pronounces 10 words destined to transform us forever: ‘We are saved, and we are saved in the last 2 days’. Those 10 words take us to an unknown reality, where fear does not exist and the key to reset us is at hand. The humidity in the locker room is no longer muggy, but a winning scent “.

EMOTIONS – “In the South, when you arrive, you cry twice: when you arrive and when you leave. And that’s exactly what happened to me. When we save ourselves, I think of day 1, when there were few of us training in total uncertainty. I run to Sabatini to hug him and for the first time, instead of calling me ‘Dickhead’, he calls me ‘Faith’. He tells me: ‘This salvation is your merit. You are strong, never forget that ‘. It is not only my merit, he knows it, but I start crying again and he too. There is no longer any reason to cover your face with the neck warmer. I want everyone to see my emotions ”.

GOAL AT MILAN – “We arrive at Arechi and I am sure of myself. I scored against Genoa and gained a little more confidence. At 29 ‘Djurić arrives again in the sky and makes me the bank. I don’t think twice about it. Bedlam. Despair. Pressure. The ball doesn’t go down, it stays up there. And then yes, the time has come: overturned. There’s Theo Hernández on the line, but who cares. As I fall, I hear the roar. Goals. Inside.
I never understood why, but to me it comes more natural to have an overhead kick than to take it out of my mind. My dad has a video on his phone, from when I’m 5, where I sign backwards. Since President Iervolino arrived, the air has changed. Fan support has also increased dramatically. You hear it even in that din. Sign, I get up, I rejoice, I no longer understand anything. One thing is certain: we are alive. So much so that for 5 minutes, from 72 ‘to 77’, we are also above. In the end we draw, but it is a signal ”.

RIBERY – “During the week, before Sassuolo I sat on the sidelines with Franck Ribéry. We do it every day: forty minutes of talking, side by side. He tells me about his past, I about my dreams. Let’s talk about football, about life. I’ve been seeing him better for a month. And I have no problem telling him. He explains to me that ‘See Faith, I’m 39 and I would like to do what I did at 25. Then I listen to the body, I think the game but he doesn’t go hand in hand. Technically they are there, but here we have to re-enter, to follow the opponent. Despite this, I don’t give up. I want to play as long as I feel it inside. I won everything, but I came to Salerno because there is fire here. I want to live for this fire, I want to marry the cause of other people who listen to each other, ask life to find what I am looking for too ‘. I seem to have in front of a person born and raised in Salerno. Not so, but he is one who comes from the sea. And whoever comes from the sea, returns to the sea. He put me under his wing, especially after I failed before the match against Spezia. ‘When I saw Alaba at Bayern, I took him with me. When I saw Vlahović in Florence, I did the same. Here, now it’s your turn … if he says so, I trust him. That day I understood why he has won so much in his career ”.

EXULTANCE WITH THE MITRAGLIA – “I don’t know why, I’ve talked about it many times with my teammates: when I rejoice, I focus on the people in front of me. At that precise moment I see a human tide pouring over the parapet, and I begin to do my exultation: the machine gun. At that precise moment, in front of me there is a bald man who is standing on a seat, precariously balanced, resisting the mass that falls on him and starts making the machine gun with me. And we start shooting together for a few seconds. Magical”.

RACE WITH LA FIORENTINA – “Rosario, our warehouse keeper, warns me: ‘You will be able to take the field in any stadium in the world. Know that the day you play in front of 30,000 people at Arechi, your legs will tremble. ‘ When I come out of the locker room tunnel against Fiorentina, it’s hell out there. The steep stands are packed, you can’t even hear your own voice. The truth is that if you play against Salernitana all’Arechi, you are afraid. It’s not rhetoric, it’s really different from other places. Fiorentina are in the running for Europe, but you can see that they are scared. They don’t do what they know how to do. The din reaches sensational decibels. The curve sings, there are all kinds of people at the stadium. Live in chaos. So much so that not even the screams reach the ears. The coach, however, needs to make Ranieri understand that he must listen to him. So he takes off a shoe and points it at her. He also does it in training .. he takes and intimates us nicely with a shoe “.

AGAINST ROME – “Our chance for redemption is at the Olimpico, against Roma. I’m out due to disqualification, and during the week I read a statistic in Cronache: Ivan Radovanović is the player with the most shots in Serie A history without ever scoring. Ivan is great, and when after 22 ‘he shoots a shot behind Rui Patrício, none of us believe it:’ What the fuck are you saying? Did Radovanović really score? ‘ And you see that he feels that goal, we are 1-0 ahead in the capital. He starts running towards the segment of our fans, who are taken by moments of madness. It seems to be in Salerno. Ivan doesn’t stop running, he almost seems to want to crash into the windows that separate him from our people “.

THE ELDERLY OF SALERNO – “Simone Verdi and I often take a walk downtown. Our favorite sport is to go to the waterfront and watch the elderly play cards. They stay there from 8 in the morning until the sun goes down. They have white hair and a face hollowed out by the heat, by experience. Sitting under the plants. There is a very high level of competitiveness. We have never tried to challenge them because they are just too strong. That’s right, everyone has their own battle. But looking at them I understood that even when you have a bad hand, you can still make a trump ”.

PEROTTI – “A few days before the match against Empoli, we all said: ‘If there is a penalty at 95’, Perotti will throw it. ‘ He practically hadn’t missed one in his career! The referee really whistled the penalty in that match, but Diego made a mistake. It seemed written in destiny that we had to play our salvation on the last day ”.

BRIOCHES AND ICE CREAM – “In March, I promised DAZN that I would offer croissants with ice cream in case of safety:« No, I don’t have white hair, but on the first day here they recommended this specialty to me and I, as a greedy person, wanted to try it. I fell in love with it. So if I save myself, brioches for everyone ». The appointment is at Bar Nettuno, in the center. I’m in the elevator, I’m about to go out and the Salernitana press office calls me: ì Stop, don’t go out. You can not understand. There are three thousand people out here, we have to organize your escort because the city is paralyzed and it is impossible to move ‘. I open the door and six security men surround me. I don’t know what to do, it looks like a spy movie. I walk with difficulty among people. I only stayed half an hour because the main boulevard is blocked and the traffic is congested. Everyone wants me. I start serving brioches with ice cream, in the end I give over a thousand. I didn’t want to see the bill, but the ice cream maker was happy! Promise kept, once again it was Salerno who left me something ”.

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