Salernitana, Bigon asks for time: Iervolino grants it

SALERNO – It is a gray smoke that comes out of thematch yesterday at lunch, in Rome, between Danilo Iervolino and Riccardo Bigon. The parties took 48 hours to decide. We obviously talked about the transfer market, the budget and perhaps also about players. Probably also of the role that Iervolino, after the sensational divorce with Walter Sabatini, intends to give to the figure of the sporting director within the club. More precise news does not filter out, but the agreement is “far from obvious”. Someone’s leaks forward yesterday afternoon on social media have deceived the fans and have not been reflected in reality. At the moment, in fact, there is no agreement between Salernitana and Bigon, who is also tempted by Parma. At this point it cannot be excluded that the same Salerno is probing some other name. Like Sean’s Threshold, formerly Padua, Bari, Genoa and Verona. Sogliano was immediately in the running for the role of sporting director of Salernitana. “We’re in no hurry,” he filtered from Iervolino’s entourage last week. And it seems so. Possible alternatives? A new entry could be Mirabelli, former Milan, now at Padova.

Bonazzoli redemption

In the meantime, however, there are some knots from melt. Federico is among the players on loan with the right to redeem Bonazzoli. Salernitana would like to keep him and will probably formalize the proposal to the Sampdoria between 8-9 days. The redemption is set at 6 million (20% would go to Inter), but Sampdoria from 18 to 20 June will be able to decide whether to exercise the counter-redemption by paying an additional 500 thousand euros to the grenade club. The problem it is also represented by the rather expensive engagement of Bonazzoli, who has a contract until 2025. With the Salernitana shirt the former Toro has scored 10 goals in the league and 2 in the Italian Cup.

Djuric renewal

There deadline upcoming contract Djuric imposes on Salerno to decide quickly. The stalemate relating to the new sporting director has effectively frozen the negotiation with agent Vittorio Sabbatini, who awaits and naturally looks around. Fiorentina likes the Bosnian, maybe even Napoli and certainly two clubs in the Premier League. Djuric hopes for a three-year period.

Pinamonti situation

These choices attacking will determine whether or not to take one (other) ten-goal-per-season striker. Interest in Pinamonti is real, even if the Inter striker is closely followed by Turin and Monza. But if Inter were to decide to buy Ederson, on which Atalanta is also there, the Pinamonti operation could take shape.

The names for the attack

THE names that are made forattack there are many: above all that of Cavani, Iervolino’s dream and reason for a clash (among others) with Sabatini. But the future of the former Napoli could be far from Europe. More realistically, there are other names: Nicola Samson, due to expire in a year with Bologna; Leonardo Pavoletti, linked to Cagliari until 2024 but already thirty-three; Andrew Petagna, 7 goals with Napoli in the last two seasons, which however seems to be mainly in the sights of Verona and Monza; Lorenzo Lucca, born in 2000, 6 goals and 4 assists with Pisa in the last championship of B.

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