Sabatini: 'Merito la Champions, addio a Salerno per un equivoco. Pogba-Roma, che rimpianto. Su Massara e Zaniolo...'

Come back talking Walter Sabatini. He does so in a long interview dedicated to a former team of his, Sampdoria, even if there are hints to the story Salerno: “I have not yet metabolized the end of my history with Salernitana, after six months of incessant work … But I don’t want to talk about it, come on” he told The XIX century. “How do I see Serie A? Very bad. Because I’m a spectator. For me a difficult situation to bear. I am not a spectator in football. I feel cheated of something that belongs to me. So, I see it badly. Here, however, more than Salernitana I would like to talk about Sampdoria … “.

The Sampdoria club is a regret for the manager: “One of my biggest professional regrets. I had that experience badly, because I was physically ill. I made an ignoble, irrelevant contribution. Luckily I had the support of Massimo Ienca and Carlo Osti, they “covered” me, they helped me. I’ve known Carlo for years. Added value of the company. Prepared, he knows how to keep the pieces together, work in advance on people’s feelings. He has brought significant results to Samp, many profitable markets, he has relations with all the managers of Italian football. He is a man of brutal honesty and I am referring to his moral cleanliness in interpersonal relationships. I cannot fail to mention the high quality of Antonio Romei, the freshness and competence of the scouting manager Baldini, whom I know well. And a thought for Ferrero, I had a heavy blow with him in a post-match, but I thank him for wanting me. “

How does the director see the Dorian situation from the outside? “Like that of many others. It certainly does not have the absolute primacy of difficulty the last one was even more complicated due to Ferrero’s stumbling block. Sampdoria is fighting, but I’m sure she’ll get out of it. Giampaolo is a guarantee. I know that one of the main thoughts of those who love her now is about the future. The change of ownership. I think that through that human wall of the South Staircase that reminds me of the Dortmund’s “yellow wall”, through the passion that feeds the fans, he knows how to express an exclusive popular power. A treasure. Whoever arrives must take this into account. I could have gone to Sampdoria 10 years earlier, Riccardo Garrone had looked for me, different events brought me to Rome. I arrived in the summer of 2018. And I would like to go back to that moment and change horizons “.

Speaking of possible arrivals, what is Sabatini’s opinion of Americans in football? “They have a “Moneyball” approach, you have to adapt to those mental schemes, more inclined to statistics applied to sport. I understood that evolution leads to flexibility, even if I stay with my idea, it’s okay that you tell me that that player made 1,000 crosses, but I want to know and it counts how he made them. I think American funds are not negative, albeit with some inconsistencies. The problem with Italian football is that there is a lack of money, not methods. We are the custodians of an ancient football culture, we must be more open to the new. To the different. I also look at the numbers now, even if they don’t have the strength or the power to change my mind. I look at them for example for the midfielders, the athletic performance, the number of kilometers traveled, irrefutable data, to enrich my luggage. And if I started doing it I am a stale “.

In Salerno, Sabatini had brought Bonazzoli. Would it redeem it? “Immediately. Great tip that satisfies my thirst for aesthetics in football. Only a blind man does not realize how strong he is. He scored fundamental goals for the salvation of Salernitana, which I experienced as a hypnotic situation, the pursuit of an ideal, a miracle, to be consumed in a few months. To be chased with happiness, as Davide Nicola said “.

What are the director’s next moves? “Always so many projects, I am proactive with myself. Where do I see myself? Everywhere. Football cannot disqualify me, freeze me, I’m optimistic. After the separation from Salerno, I find myself in a condition that I define as forced rest “

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