Sabatini: 'Pogba un segnale potente alle rivali e con De Ligt-Koulibaly la Juve alza il muro. Con Lukaku, Dzeko andrà via. Sui rinnovi del Milan...'

The now former sporting director of Salernitana, but also the historic ex-manager of Inter, Rome and Palermo, Walter Sabatinigranted an interview to Tuttosport in which he analyzed the current market trend.

POGBA – “I don’t know where the negotiation is, it seems to me rather ahead. In any case, Pogba at Juventus is a powerful signal, to rivals but also for Italian football that needs to recover positions compared to foreign leagues. I really care about promotion. and to the growth of our football, so I hope it will go through. By taking it he would get back on track, at the level of Milan and Inter who have passed in front of them in the past seasons. “

OF MARIA – “If the Di Maria that I saw in Italy-Argentina a few weeks ago arrives then there is fun: I would go and get him with Apollo’s cart, it would move the Juventus goals a lot. It would be another great sign. Not only for the team. Champions, but also for Serie A: the league needs a competitive Juventus for the Scudetto. I have always found it in front of me with Roma … “.

ARNAUTOVIC – “Arnautovic is a crazy player. In reality it could have been a surprise, because he had been arriving in China for two years. His performance was not so obvious, instead he proved to be a champion, also from the point of view of his charisma and personality. let’s dispel the legend that haunts him: he is not a reckless. This is the most wrong and far from reality there can be: he is a very serious boy, very motivated, attached to his teammates and the coach. In Bologna he made me a promise : he said it would make a difference and he did. ”

KOULIBALY – “De Ligt has made great strides compared to his debut season, he has now reached a top level. With him and Koulibaly it would be difficult to attack the Juventus defense, it would be an impassable wall. But I think it is a difficult operation because knowing Spalletti he will resist. difficult I guess: losing him would be too heavy a blow for Napoli. Koulibaly is not only the charismatic leader of the defense, he is a team leader. So Luciano will protect him. “

LUKAKU – “The same goes for Pogba: I am happy if the champions return to Italy. If an operation like this goes through, it means that there is the strong will of the player: in Milan he must have felt surrounded by affection, in Inter he was monstrous. Maybe he wants to savor those sensations again. Lukaku presupposes an exclusive game, different from the usual one of Inzaghi.

DZEKO – “I guess he wouldn’t accept to be a sparring partner. He certainly wouldn’t lack opportunities, he wouldn’t be there to make the lampshade: he loves his job, he loves football, I don’t think he would stay. At least, that’s what I think. He can still give. a lot, as long as you don’t play three races a week: it must be sipped, it cannot be squeezed as it once was “

MALDINI AND MASSARA – “I don’t understand the delay in the contract renewals of Maldini and Massara: they overturned the scenario with far-sighted choices, this waste of time is harmful and I don’t understand it. I’m surprised, I don’t understand what the logic is, it seems hallucinating. there is an absolute value in the sector: there is cohesion between the coach and the managers, there are long-term and rewarding choices, I don’t understand what the wait is for ”

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