Sabatini: 'Inter su Ederson, Cavani non adatto alla Salernitana. Iervolino si è salvato scegliendo me'

A few days after the separation of Walter Sabatini and Salernitana, the long-distance questioning and response between the former granata sporting director and president Iervolino continues. During an interview with FanpageSabatini launches a dig: “Iervolino is exactly what I thought he was. He remains a great president, I want to say this: he saved Salernitana twice, the first by avoiding the disappearance of the club, the second by choosing me so as not to be relegated to Serie B. And for this he has all my admiration. Now it seems that there are constant diatribes, he puts it on the ideological level and I on the practical one. It is right that he does ideology, while I am an employeean everyday worker, and I have to tackle the problems specifically: I am referring to the history of the commissions “.

ONLY THE FANS – “As thanks, I expect only those of the people, who arrived on time in industrial quantities, something that makes me proud. For the rest I don’t expect anything from anyone. I’m sorry this drift has gotten so bad“.

CAVANI – “Cavani came up with it as a great suggestion. I just said it was a big mistake, because that’s what I have to say. I know how much Cavani earns and I know what his state of mind is: to return to the Premier League to come and play at Salernitana … I am a kind of poet or dreamer, but I am very pragmatic and I know perfectly well which are the players who can come with enthusiasm to play in Salerno: they are the Mazzocchi, not the Cavani. He is a great footballer and I had him in Palermo, Iervolino was not. So I know exactly who we are talking about. I know his temper and his characteristics and I know that Cavani will never come to Salerno. And if Iervolino is so convincing and good at catching him, he will have an operation that I will be the first to applaud. For Salernitana I had never heard of it because I don’t do impossible things. I know perfectly well that Cavani would not have comelet alone January in full swing. Today is a discourse that can also be reopened, if Iervolino succeeds it will be an extraordinary move “.

EDERSON – “The interests of PSG and Inter are real. However, Iervolino was not happy to think about a sale. He proves to be solid and important president, not everyone can afford not to sell players. He told me that he would rather do a capital increase with his money than sell players. Now Salernitana has to think about doing things in harmony with Nicola, who is the true proponent of what good has happened. I am sorry that today he is totally debased by this hatred that is in the air and this anxiety to hit an imaginary opponent, because I can never be an opponent of Salernitana “.

COULIBALY – “There was a player to protect and there still is. An important player, an architect of salvation. Lassana Coulibaly together with Bohinen and Ederson made up the strongest midfield package in Serie A for a long time, at said by many of my opponents and football people I spoke to. Regardless of me and the commissions, I hope that Salernitana will be able to protect him. The commissions? In my opinion it is a courageous battle, but also centered on a general principle. Football is made up of contingencies, not ideologies, and for this we must always see what the interest of the company is. I do not discuss this on Iervolino: he does what he wants and I am not his interlocutor at this moment “.

FUTURE – “I am waiting for an interview with a large foreign company, I gave my availability. They spend their days with great regret and the certainty that there will be something for me “.

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