Sabatini: 'Merito la Champions, addio a Salerno per un equivoco. Pogba-Roma, che rimpianto. Su Massara e Zaniolo...'

After the farewell not without friction to the Salernothe now ex-ds Walter Sabatini he wanted to talk about himself exclusively at the Corriere della Sera to tell his version of events.

SALERNO – “I still have from Salerno to have brought back joy and dignity to an entire city. This experience has sublimated my sporting and professional life. I leave a monolith. Merit of the coach and of the players themselves. Today there is a group ready to give battle against everyone: of course it must be integrated, improved, corrected. I hope it will not be disintegrated “.

EQUIVOCAL COULIBALY – “It’s all the son of a misunderstanding. In the case of Coulibaly, having risen to the headlines, I would do everything a hundred times. B and 1.7 million in A: an agreement that obviously I had not made. The president gave me a mandate to resolve the matter because he absolutely did not want to lose the player, and I limited myself to transferring the requests of the agents to him. he decides whether to accept them or whether to lose Coulibaly. In the past, on the subject of commissions I have fought in principle, very noble but in the end also harmful battles “.

THE BACKSCENE ON RAIOLA AND POGBA – “I had terrible clashes with agents who exaggerated. But, for example, I still blame myself when at the time of Rome I had a bloody fight with poor Raiola, because he came to ask me for a commission of 4 million on a very young Pogba. We insulted each other, today, on the other hand, I regret a lot and I am convinced that I did a colossal bullshit, because that was indeed an ethical operation at the limits, but in the end I would have brought to Rome an enormous technical and patrimonial value. I did not have the courage to do it “.

I DESERVE THE CHAMPIONS – “I look ahead, I look up. I deserve certain stages, the Champions League to be clear. There are some signs, and I know that something will happen”.

ITALY BARRIER – “It is above all a structural discourse. In Italy we are too afraid of losing matches, so the seat, the bench, etc. for the national team. If we don’t overcome this cultural barrier, our football will be poorer and poorer. “

FUTURE – “Of course! I am thinking of Scamacca and Frattesi,” my “boys, too. And there is also Zaniolo. the potential to overturn the games on his own. Tonali has already won a championship as a protagonist in Milan. I’m talking about those on the launching pad “

MASSARA – “Phenomenal, cultured, sensitive, polite boy. He is a ruthless man, in a certain sense, because he has no flaws. He knows what to say, speaks languages, knows the players and knows where to go to look for them. Exactly, a ruthless man”.

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