Ruiu: Milan a due teste? No, grazie. Maldini e Gazidis come Galliani e Barbara Berlusconi

A few days ago Galliani’s interview with Corriere della Sera in which he revealed his resignation from Milan in 2012, when Berlusconi set up the position of double CEO to please his daughter Barbara. Galliani defined two-headed AC Milan as “unmanageable”. Berlusconi did not listen to him and committed the most serious mistake of his 30 years of Rossoneri history. The situation rapidly precipitated from a technical and economic point of view until the succession of ownership changes, more or less true, more or less successful. Even at the time, corporate communication made the coexistence between Galliani and Barbara appear as a constructive collaboration, the reality was quite different. And even at the time the two were taking pictures together in Rome, during the celebrations for the 18th Scudetto. Photos are one thing, reality another.

The comparison with that inauspicious situation in the history of Milan is more than ever of great relevance these days. And let’s go back there. At that interview with Maldini on May 27, the issues of which have so far never been gutted, deepened, resolved. No one expected an outburst of that magnitude from the great protagonist of the Rossoneri Renaissance, yet he has arrived. And it arrived a few hours after the celebrations for the 19th championship, complete with photos. Already the photos. Those in which Maldini was portrayed joyful and joyful alongside Massara, Singer and Gazidis. Yet Maldini’s words arrived, harsh and detailed, a few hours after those photos. As evidence of the fact that one thing is the joy of winning the scudetto, another is the managerial planning and plans for the future of the club. When Maldini says that the company may not be satisfied with the work done by him and Massara he is clearly rhetorical. Who could not be satisfied? But when he puts forward the hypothesis that he himself might not be convinced by the project of the future, he is telling the truth. And we can’t blame him.

We and he have not forgotten that the CEO who should renew his contract was the one Ibra didn’t want, the one who had already replaced Pioli, the one who ingested in the sports area without consulting the appointees, the one who had already blocked Rangnick, the one who fired Boban etc. etc. The one who, despite all this, has taken the credit for the championship. The others pretend nothing has happened but Maldini does not forget, he cannot forget. Maldini knows perfectly well that to keep Milan at this level or to make it return to excel in Europe too, economic investments are needed. We cannot think every year of losing the best players and continuing to achieve results. And he knows perfectly well that if next season does not go as well as the last two, then he will end up in the crosshairs himself. Maybe in the crosshairs of those who, up to two and a half years ago, seriously questioned his managerial qualities.

To say that there are no problems between Maldini and the property is to deny the evidence. Claiming that the renewal of the Maldini and Massara contracts is a mere formality is not true. Relying on the photographs of Maldini and Gazidis or on the one taken at Casa Milan with Cardinale is at least superficial. That the property belongs directly to Elliott or that it belongs to Red Bird with the money loaned by Elliott changes little. The managing director is Gazidis, at least until November, and the company philosophy is based exclusively on obtaining economic objectives, not sporting ones. These are the two things that are not good for Maldini. And, now 10 days after the expiration of his contract, Maldini has received no feed back after his heavy declarations. Certainly, however, with those words we understood that in these two years there has been a two-headed AC Milan, just as Galliani had defined that of 2012. For various reasons, even extra professional, despite everything, things went the right way. right, but Maldini, just as Galliani told Berlusconi, knows that two-headed management cannot work forever. He, rightly, would like to be the only head of this Milan. He has shown on the pitch that he deserves it. We hope that the owners, past, present or future, make the right choice and leave him alone in charge of Milan. And that he doesn’t make Berlusconi’s mistake 10 years ago …

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